Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Extra piece

It was report card day for the secondary school kids last Thursday. So I hardly had time to cook other than breakfast. 

For lunch, I brought Jan and Jay to nearby coffee shop after met up with Jan's teacher in the morning. After done with lunch, I dropped both to school as Jay had his afternoon session and Jan had her Chinese extra class. 

Then in the afternoon, it was Jay's turn, so after met up with his teacher and collected his report card, we headed home. It wasn't 5pm then. When asked what the kids wanted for dinner, they agreed in unity that they wanted Sugarbun!!

So, our Thursday dinner was ordered and had it been delivered to us. It came before 6pm. I went for its fish burger. I missed it so decided that I was going to have it for dinner. 

Jay wanted chicken burger other than the rice set. He ate his burger first. I can't remember whether I had its chicken burger before. Maybe when I was little. I usually went for its savoury rice and broasted chicken.

Jan always enjoyed this 1piece chicken, 1piece fish fillet with savoury rice so no surprise that she had that for her dinner. 

I ordered 1 piece chicken with rice set; 2 sets for the boys but somehow, when we opened up the packet, there was an extra piece of chicken in each packet. I thought I placed wrong order so I double checked my online order.

Nope, I didn't ordered 2 pieces of chicken with rice set. Oh well, extra means good for sure. What a good bargain we got. 2 extra broasted chicken, which I took one with my fish burger. By then, I was full!!


As for the other extra chicken, Jay finished it up for his supper that evening. 😊


Angie's Recipes said...

Gratis is always welcome :-))

mun said...

Nice tasty food! I miss their fish burger cos they are in kl town and I seldom go there now.

suituapui said...

Lucky you! I always go for the fish, so very nice but getting thinner these days,and shrinking. So sad!

Reanaclaire said...

I miss the report card days.. hahaha... soon you will also miss those days... kids grow up so fast nowadays.

Nux V said...

that must be ur lucky day to have extra piece of chicken! that would made my day!