Wednesday, October 5, 2022


It was a very warm morning last Friday. I was craving for something sweet and chilled that day so I thought of checking out this Lejoy Ice Tea shop which was about 2 minutes drive from my house only. 

Noticed that they were having drink promotion on weekdays so together with my partners-in-crime (Jan and Jay), we went over on Friday morning. Jan and Jay didn't go to school as the school was having its sports day for few days. 

Friday drink promotion are these 2 drinks. Original soya milk tea and white jelly milk tea. So we opted for one each!

While waiting, we took time to look around. Only us were there before few ladies came in to order their drink. 

Clean and decent place to enjoy chilled drinks and some snacks. But we didn't take any snacks. Just ordered our drink and took a seat while waiting.

We reached there before 11am as waited for Jay to finish his tuition at 1030am. 

First to come was white jelly milk tea (RM8.80). It was mild and refreshing. Jay loved it so much that he drank most of it.

Jan and I were more interested in the original soya milk tea (RM9.60). It took a while for our drink to be ready as they said earlier that it would take 15 minutes to cook the bubbles. We didn't mind the waiting since we were free that morning. 

It was nice, not too sweet and the bubbles were well cooked. Chewy and not tough. Soya powder on top of the milk tea. Stirred and mixed it before we took a sip. I enjoyed it especially on a warm Friday morning. 

Definitely will come back for its milk tea and other drinks when we feel like it. 


suituapui said...

I'm not into these places with their bubble teas. They're not cheap some more. I love our three-layer tea - had one good one at one Singapore Chicken Rice outlet but it has since closed. down.

mun said...

I would try their matcha latte! Having refreshing cold drinks is a luxury that one can indulge in without putting a very big hole in the pocket. Enjoy!

Angie's Recipes said...

I don't drink those kinds of tea...prefer plain ooling tea. But kids love them!

The Yum List said...

I used to be a big sugar addict but I have lost my sweet tooth as I've aged.

Nux V said...

i like both the soy milk tea and jelly milk tea.

PH said...

These type of drinks are quite popular and there are many outlets selling bubble tea. But somehow I don't like it after trying once.