Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Before we went over

I am placing Jay in a tuition centre starting September so last Friday, together with him, we had our breakfast in this food court before we went over. The centre was just a stone throw away so it was convenient for us to have a quick breakfast.

Both of us went for fried kway teow. Long time did not have that so it was a nice dish to enjoy. Loved the wok hei and the taste of the fried kway teow. 

Hubby was around too so he ordered his usual toast sandwich. He only had that as he had a brunch appointment later.

After we were done, we walked over to the tuition centre and registered Jay for BM and BC subjects. I liked the centre as they only had small group, class has not more than 5 students when we looked at it last week. 


suituapui said...

One class not more than 5 students? Hope it's because it is exclusive - the individual attention is good, what private tuition should be all about. Here, some classes are so crowded, lots more students than the classes than in school...and the teachers use a microphone to teach, never mark the students' work etc...etc...etc. Watch out for those - I hear there are some in Kuching too. Best avoided.

The char kway teow looks good!

Angie's Recipes said...

I miss kway teow!

Nancy Chan said...

Fried kway teow looks good and so is the toast sandwich.

PH said...

That CKT looks so good. I hated going to tuition when I was in school. LOL!

mun said...

Ah, now I feel like eating ckt after looking at your ckt. The fried egg in the toasts look so delicious. Hope Jay enjoy his BM and BC tuition classes.