Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Change its name

From Xing Xing Cafe to Xing Xing Wang Cafe. Not sure when they changed the name but we haven't been patronising this food court for quite long time. Definitely not much since MCO 2 years ago and even longer prior to date. 

Not till last week, when hubby and I went there for breakfast, did we stepped foot into the foot court. Few stalls remained the same but new stalls are operating. Somehow the business has picked up since. Good to see that.

Maybe because of more stalls are opened. Or maybe because of this Kueh chap stall.  

Read about this stall the day before in FB. Guess social media has been a good advertising tool, it sure attract curious patrons. Lao San Kueh Chap. Since it was recommended by Borneo Food Hunter FB page, I bet it was worth the try. 

We were there around 830am. Pretty late than our usual time as hubby woke up late. He was late the night before so I let him sleep in slightly longer. 

It took quite some time for our Kueh chap to arrive on our table. Noticed business was good and fee customers waiting for their takeaway. But we were happy when our food came as the Kueh chap turned out good.

Small bowl for me, big bowl for the man. Milder taste of the broth which we both liked. The chilli dipping was spicy and sourish with zest of lime in it.  RM19 total for our Kueh chap plus 2 pieces of yue tiaw that we tapaued home. 

These were the yue tiaw that we tapaued. Mostly gone into Jay's tummy as he ate them with his kolo mee.

Feedback from my noodle lover boy, the kolo mee was so-so. Not the same guy operating the kolo mee. Last time, the stall used to serve kolo mee and kampua. Now a different person, a young man mending the kolo mee stall.

While we were there, we also ordered our takeaway lunch. Yup, no need to cook lunch for me so we ordered our favourite food that we used to buy in the past from Xing Xing Wang Cafe 

3 packs of fried rice which the kids enjoyed. I also liked it, the fried rice was tasty and fragrant.  RM16 for the fried rice. 

But I didn't have fried rice for lunch. Hubby and I had the curry mixed  rice. RM12 for 2 packs of the curry mixed rice. 

That was what we had last Saturday. A satisfying breakfast and lunch for us.

In case you are wondering about Xing Xing Wang Cafe location, it is the food court next to Batu Kawa Klinik Kesihatan in Jalan Stapok. The food court is directly across the road from the HK Square (where New World Grocer is).


  1. Kueh chap looks good and I particularly like the look of the chili dip. Very important that that is good to make the kueh chap stand out from the rest.

  2. As long as the quality doesn't change, it matters no what it's called :-) The foods look quite tasty and moreish.

  3. Wah, Pak Tor time with husband. Very good. Can spend quality time together over nice food. Difficult to get kway chap here, not near my place.

  4. i still haven't got the chance to try kueh chap...hard to find in my area.

  5. I saw many ppl there also during dinner. Will try it some day.

  6. Kueh chap reminds me of bak kut teh. I haven't have fried rice or curry rice for a long time.