Monday, August 15, 2022


It wasn't 6pm when hubby and I reached Saradise yesterday evening. First time at this area so a new place for us to explore and enjoy.

Many eateries in Saradise so everyone is spoiled with choices. From classy, chic and fine dining restaurant to cafe and food court, you could find few cuisines to satisfy your palate and dining experience. 

Our choice of first time being here was this place. Ken's Kitchen!

Hubby's idea of coming here and it was also his idea of an early birthday dinner treat for me. He would be flying to KL this Wednesday and only back on late Sunday evening. And my birthday falls next Wednesday and he wouldn't be around to celebrate together. So, an early birthday treat for me yesterday.

No kids around; just me and him. So a birthday dinner cum dating and couple time for both of us. The kids were fine with us going out and before we left, we readied their dinner so they can enjoyed at home.

Look how nice was the setting of this eatery. Most tables were reserved and lucky star was in our side, we got a table for both of us!! Only one occupied table when we reached there. A young couple with their 2 young children.

After ordered our food, we had a few sip of Monrande Cabernet Souvignon red wine. They had many varieties of wine to choose from and even comes in small bottle. We opened up a small bottle (RM32), which was just nice for the 2 of us. Hubby ordered a draught beer (RM18) for himself as well. I was fine with the red wine and since they served lemon infused water on the table, I decided not to order any other drink.

Our food finally arrived after about 30 minutes of waiting. As it was a special occasion, we were having beef as the main course. 

Hubby went for ribeye steak of Australian premium beef cut 280g, priced at RM105. It was medium rare, so juicy and well seasoned with salt and pepper on top of buttered mash potato. We both loved this very much. 

As for me, I settled for this beef bourguignon (RM52). Braised beef cheek for 12 hours and served with mashed potato, sauteed wild mushroom, seared baby carrots, pickled shallot and beef bacon with red wine broth.

A side dish of sauteed vegetable (RM7) to go with our high calories meat.

After we were done with our dinner, we went for a short walk to digest our food. A lovely evening for a walk and a beautiful ending to our lovely dinner. 


suituapui said...

So romantic!! Your kids so good! Happy birthday in advance!

Nux V said...

so romantic! went for a walk after dinner somemore...Happy Birthday, Rose!

Angie's Recipes said...

A great dinner date :-) Beef is my top favourite. Happy Birthday!

mun said...

Happy birthday in advance to you! Very nice time together. I prefer your beef dish.

PH said...

What a lovely date! The food very ngam me because I love beef.