Thursday, June 30, 2022

From the imperial

It was a Saturday. Schooling day for Jan and Jay, replacement for the Gawai eve holiday. 

It was also meet the teacher day so I was busy meeting the teacher on 2 session, 1 morning for Jan and 1 session in afternoon for Jay. My kitchen was off that day, as I did not cook any meal.

Hubby and I went to Y. Y. Cafe for breakfast with friends. As for lunch, I bought nasi lemak from one of the stalls there. 

As for dinner, I used Grab to order my food delivery. I opted for Imperial Duck at Chan Bee Kiew Road (Padungan) as I was craving for roasted duck. The last time we had its roasted duck rice was back in 2018 in its Stutong shop. Other than roasted duck, we used to enjoy its roasted pork and nourishing soups as well. 

5 sets for our Saturday dinner. Rice set with vegetable, fruits and drink.

3 sets of chicken rice set for the kids. They weren't crazy about roasted duck. 

Soya sauce chicken rice set (RM15.50)

Hubby and I had the Imperial duck rice set. Yummy, satisfying dinner from the Imperial Duck. I did missed their roasted duck. 

Imperial duck rice set (RM16.90)

As for the drink, it was iced lemon tea. I gave 1 cup to the Grab driver since we would not be able to finish all 5 cups.

Iced lemon tea


suituapui said...

Aiyor!!! Your kids are not crazy about roasted duck!!! What I'd give for some really good ones here - one hand enough to count the number of places selling roast duck!

Angie's Recipes said...

I would love to taste some of the roasted duck!

mun said...

The set dinner looks very good. Includes vegetables as well. Very good. 👍

Nux V said...

i like roasted duck so much...the Imperial Duck rice set is definitely for me!