Monday, June 27, 2022


My brother invited us and together with my sis and family for a Father's Day dinner at my parents' house. We had it on Saturday instead of Sunday. 

The last time everyone was together was on first day of CNY, so many months have passed. My nieces and nephew suddenly grown so much!! 

My brother bought most of the food and when we reached there, he was still outside, buying and collecting food from few places. 

Of course, not all were bought. My mum whipped out her special fried mee hoon. Fried mee hoon with canned pork mince with bean paste. I love it so much.

And this pot of fish maw soup was also cooked by mum. Rich in collagen, they said. 

Pizza was ordered through Grab so it was already on the table when we were there. The Godfather's thin crust pizza (RM48.80 for 2). My bro recommended its thin crust pizza. First time I tasted pizza from The Godfather, located in Swee Joo Park. 

Hawaiian pizza with smoked turkey ham, and Pollo E Funghi pizza. Most slices gone into my Jay's tummy!! Lol. 

At 101 Premier, he bought the grilled sting ray (RM41) which was my mum's favourite. The sambal was salty and spicy at same time. The fish was very fresh. No wonder my mum loves it!!

Beside the grilled sting ray, he also bought 40 sticks of satay (chicken and pork) for RM40. 

And 15 grilled chicken wings (RM50). The kids seemed to enjoy both satay and chicken wings but the meat were rather dry and tough. Not good for old teeth to bite and chew!!

Next was the dishes from BBQ King Seafood restaurant in Jalan Song.  4 dishes for RM240.60, as we ordered seafood. Pre-booked so my bro just went to pick up from the shop that evening.

Garlic chili steam white clams were the hit of the evening.  The broth was so good and garlicky. 
Teochew steamed ngo fish so it would be easy to take and kids can enjoy without the fear of bones.

These curry fried prawns were just alright; pretty spicy for my tastebud.  
Lastly was the mixed vegetables.  Must have a vegetable dish to balance up all the meat dishes, right??

So, that was how we celebrate Father's Day. Actually more like Parents Day since we did not do anything for Mother's Day last month.  A lovely and delicious dinner to celebrate the occasion. And a nice catch up and gathering with my family too.


Angie's Recipes said...

wow lots of delicious treats! I love fish maws and haven't had them in ages!

suituapui said...

Gee! Everything looked so good. Have not fried bihun with canned pork mince for a long time, love that!!!

Nux V said...

that's lotsa food!

mun said...

What a nice celebration for your parents! A lot of good food, so yummy. What is ngo fish I wonder.

PH said...

What a nice reunion at your parents' home! So many varieties of dishes to enjoy, like a buffet hee..hee...

Nancy Chan said...

What a wonderful get together and so much food for dinner. There is food for all age groups.

Reanaclaire said...

I love gatherings! It means more variety of food and catching up with one another...