Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Miscellaneous Picture #105: her birthday

Random shot of my girl's birthday last Thursday. All was food. My girl is turning into a foodie (like me!!! Lol). 

Made her a chicken mee suah soup for breakfast

A shot before having her warm, comforting birthday breakfast

Special request - fish n chip from Chicago 7 for dinner (photo credit: FoodPanda)

A birthday cake (American chocolate) for her sweet 16 birthday

My chocolate loving girl received lots of chocolates this year. These are some of them in the fridge.


suituapui said...

They say Chicago. 7 is Sugarbun but their fish burger is nicer. True or not?

mun said...

Lovely photo of Jan!

Angie's Recipes said...

I miss mee suah soup with herbal chicken :-)) She should have celebrated the whole month because it's special 16!!

PH said...

Your pretty girl loves chocolates too, just like auntie PH!