Saturday, May 28, 2022


It was Friday, few days before school holiday ended. My man had early start that day, busy packing and ready for his first fishing trip of 2022! He was up before 6am, and with all those noise, I couldn't help but got up myself and helped him out. He left the house around 630am. 

My mil was up as well but since she didn't wanted to go out for market or breakfast, then I decided to cook noodle myself. I found this Daddy 3 in 1 instant noodle in my pantry. 

My hubby bought this pack of instant noodle home from Sri Aman.  He actually brought some of his noodle and canned food home as he could not finish all by himself there. So when he was home for over a week for the Hari Raya holiday, we tried to finish up some of the canned food like spam and sardine. 

I never tried this brand of Sibu-packed instant noodle before. However I remember my blogger friend, Suituapui blogged on it before like in this post so I was excited to give it a taste since I have a pack at home. 5 individual packs, and the noodle could be eaten as snack, or cook as dry or in soup.

Jan had a taste of the noodle too. She went for the dry version. I did not add anything; I just used up the 2 packets seasoning in the noodle pack. Her verdict?? Rather bland, but the noodle texture was nice. 

Soupy version for me. Not as flavourful or salty like the other noodle brand that we always have, but the chicken soup was tasty to me. If I am to choose, the soup version is better than the dry one.


suituapui said...

I like it in soup...but my friend, Irene, in Kuching likes it dry. She will have TWO packets at one go!!! Gosh!!! I am not going to buy anymore they have increased the price to RM5.30 for a pack of 5, others only RM4 something, some even RM3 something. Made In Sibu, yet so expensive!

Angie's Recipes said...

I am not a fan of instant noodles...but I LOVE that noodle bowl.

mun said...

Thanks for the review. Don't think I have seen this noodle sold here but maybe I need to open my eyes bigger.