Friday, May 13, 2022


Continue from our Bau trip, we drove to Siniawan. Siniawan is an old town which was dubbed the 'cowboy town' that is well known for its weekend night food street. 

As expected, nothing much during the day but yet, there were some local tourists walking around, taking photos. We spent some time in Siniawan, had a drink and rest in Ah Long cafe,  one of the coffee shops that opened that Monday morning. 

While resting there, we bumped into a friend and family who planned to have early lunch there before headed to Bau. Such a small world!! 

Hubby's cousin suggested to go to the newly opened hot spring in Bau, so we headed to Paku Hot Spring which was not that far from Bau town. 

Entrance fee was RM5 for adult, RM3 for children. Different charges for non-Malaysians.

It was my first time in this new hot spring. The other hot springs that I have been to in the past were Annah Rais and Panchor.  Both places were much established and well known among the locals. 
As for Paku Hot Spring, it was developed and maintained by the local community here. There was changing and bath room available. 

We spent almost an hour there, resting and dipping our tired feet before headed back to Kuching for a late lunch. 


suituapui said...

Everyone took the opportunity to go here and there during the week long holiday break. No hot springs around here, no volcanic activity!

Nux V said...

very relaxing trip!

Angie's Recipes said...

Would love to visit that hot spring!

PH said...

What a nice outing with your family. I have never visited a hot spring before. I read that at some hot spring, you can even boil eggs!

Nancy Chan said...

We have 1 hot spring but haven't been there for a very long, long time. Wonderful to go on a short trip with family members.

mun said...

Oh, you all didn't relax in the hot pools?

shirleysimplerecipe said...

Nice hot spring 😃!

Reanaclaire said...

What a relaxing day for the adults and an exciting day for kids!