Thursday, September 30, 2021

Feel like it

When we woke up very early in the morning, we will go out for breakfast. By 630am we will be at the coffee shop and dine-in with ease and pretty much no crowds at all. 

Usually we would be at our usual coffee shop, enjoying its kolo mee and buy some fried fritters home. The place is nearer and cleaner, and since we are early birds, no long waiting for us. The coffee shop is very strict as there is a waiter at the check-in point, checking on customers' MySejahtera app. Only those fully vaccinated and complied to SOP are allowed to dine-in. Those who are not vaccinated and children are not allowed in. Kudos for the strict SOP. 

Dumpling soup (kiaw th'ng)

One morning, I had these with my man. We shared one bowl of meat dumplings soup.  And I had it with kolo mee hoon. I mostly prefer kolo mee hoon when I diner at this coffee shop. Rarely have its kolo mee. 

Kolo meehoon

When we feel like it and we have ample time (no rushing on weekdays), we will go to another coffee shop. Over here, not only we can have handmade noodle and laksa but we found another decent kolo mee stall. Now the coffee shop is called Old Bank Cafe. 

Teh c

We tried the kolo mee stall here before but found it wasn't that good. However that was long ago and we recently gave it a try again. Somehow, it has improved since then. Taste better although the cook still takes his sweet time preparing and serving his noodle. 
Pork liver soup

One Saturday, we went there to have its pork liver soup with ginger slices. Hubby liked its liver soup. Not much Chinese wine added but it tasted decent enough. 

Kolo mee red

Red kolo mee for a change for hubby. It was actually the char siew oil, made the noodle tasted sweeter and looked red.

On the other hand, I went for its seafood noodle. First time had his seafood noodle and I liked it!!! Quite a portion too and I had hard time finishing it! 

I like the fact he added some pork lard cubes in his noodles. That's why it was tasty and addictive, I guess. Now not many stall operators add pork lard cubes in their noodlle; specifically in Sarawak kolo mee.


suituapui said...

That red kolo mee looks good. Former Expert Kopitiam? Is that in the area opposite the former Four Points Sheraton?

Oh? Children are not allowed to dine in in coffee shops? Didn't know that. Anyway, I do not have any and I am not keen on dining in at coffee shops either.

In the daily list of places with positive cases, day before yesterday, the coffee shop in the next lane from my house was mentioned. So very early- 6.47 a.m. I always go there to tapao home but I do not go so early plus the chu char stall is at the back so I would go and order through the back door - no need to go through the coffee shop.

Rose world said...

Not that Expert kopitiam. This place is at my area, in MJC.

Nux V said...

i would like both the red and seafood kolo mee!

Angie's Recipes said...

I am drooling over those tasty treats, esp. that pork liver soup as I am a huge fan of all sorts of livers.

Libby said...

Hawker food can be nice too! Affordable also. Usually I will eat hawker food during weekdays when I WFH and indulge a little bit more during weekends by eating restaurant food. Not so boring, as one needs variety.

PH said...

You eat breakfast vey early. I can't eat anything at all until about 11am. The kolo mee looks tasty. There is a stall selling it near my area but have to cross the main road to go to the coffee shop.

mun said...

Dumplings soup looks like very easy to eat. I usually will have those easy to eat food. I also prefer meehoon to noodles. Seafood noodles look tasty. Here they will give lots of deep fried lard cubes. Guess you will like it.

Nancy Chan said...

The red kolo mee looks nice and yummy. So much ingredient in your seafood noodle. We are still not comfortable to dine-in because the numbers is still high. Will wait for the situation to improves.

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