Tuesday, September 8, 2020


After our first visit to  this coffee shop last month, we had since have breakfast few times here.

On my latest patronage, I had this handmade noodle. Hubby tried it before and he enjoyed it very much. I rarely take handmade noodle; somehow it had a peculiar taste that I didn't acquire to in the past.

However, it has been ages since I last have it so my curiosity got into me. I just wanted to taste it again, and since hubby recommended it, I guess his judgement would not be that bad. 

True to his word, it turned out good. Noodle was cooked well, not mushy and dry. I quite enjoyed it. 

Hubby went for the Mee Jawa from the Malay stall where he had Mee Sapi in previous visit. RM7 for this plate. No complaint from the man, so I guess the taste fit him well. 


  1. Both types of noodles look delicious. I like handmade noodles.

  2. Mee jawa looks good. What smell in the noodles? The egg? Or the "kee" (alkaline) that they add to make it firm.

  3. Mee jawa with beef? I also want to eat it. Handmade noodle is it made on the spot like pan Mee?

  4. Oh mee jawa with beef, something new to me, i just had mee rebus not long ago, close to mee jawa.