Thursday, October 23, 2014

Savour the fisherman's catch

The first time we were here was back in August 2013 when we were celebrating my birthday.

We were here on Tuesday evening for a dinner as hubby was craving for umai after the Kapit trip. Lol. 

Everyone was hungry so we had an early dinner around 530pm. We parked our car near the wharf and just cross the road to reach this Fisherman's Restaurant.

So while waiting for our food, we had the super delicious and crispy Mukah keropok. Went well with their special chilli vinegar dipping.

For the kids, we ordered an onion omelette.

I love its paku santan, which was one of my recommended dishes here. It was very fragrant with the coconut milk and dried shrimp. 

There came our catch of the day! Umai, the Melanau delicacy of raw fishes. It was very fresh, super appetizing with mix of sour, spicy and sweet all in a bite.

We also had its grilled lamb racks. It was very good with the 2 dippings; minced garlic and mint sauce. They gave us 4 big slabs of lamb, which was tender and juicy.

This was how I ate my lamb. One part with mint sauce and another with the minced garlic. 

After we were full, we went to the night market which was just across the road. Just look look, see see since I never walked there before.

And true enough, I found the roasted pigs' heads in the market. You can basically find any parts of the animal over here. Rather disgusting I know. Not a common sight in most night markets in Malaysia. I know I never see this in Kuching night market. 

After a round of walk, we walked back to our car which was parked in front of the wharf. And we got to see the "tongkang" (boats) docked there.


Somewhere in Singapore said...

The foods looks good...

Princess Ribbon said...

That lamb rack looks good.. I can finish all.. Yummzzz.. Oohhh I like paku too, but never had paku santan before.. I had paku with salted egg yolk though, nice..

Azura Chan said...

I never been to Sibu night market. So sad. huhu.

Ez Vina said...

I think Sibu night market is one of the best in Sarawak. But I only been to the one in town, near Tanahmas.

mun said...

Here I think quite common to see roast pig head during the day market. I want to try umai! Your lamb looks delicious too

suituapui said...

Their lamb is so so so good, best in town, I would say! The son cooks that - he used to have a restaurant in NZ but his father got him to come back to help out with this one here. Not cheap though...unfortunately. :(

Re. Ex Vina's comment above - the night market is the same one but they have changed the location to the present area a little bit further away from the aforementioned hotel. Said they wanted to build a multi-storey car park at the old location - so many years already, nothing! I prefer the night market at the old location - more systematic.

By the way, those are not tongkangs (tugboats). Those used to be motor launches for transportation of people and cargo - the days before the express boats too over. Now they're floating grocery stores - selling groceries to houses and villages and longhouses along the river - record in 555 notebook, pay monthly after pay day. They can't do that at the shops and supermarkets.

Rose world said...

Thanks STP for the info. Yes. They have signboards on the boats so they do look like floating shops.

Ok. That was what I thought when Vina mentioned of another night market in town. I didnt see any market near Tanahmas.

Small Kucing said...

i had cultural shock too to see the roast meat and the head in pasar malam there. all masyarakat majmuk living in harmony

Sharon D. said...

What a delicious meal. I haven't had this sort of keropok in ages. Interesting fare at the night market too. Would have loved to explore this place on my own ..but first, I need to buy a ticket over! ;)