Saturday, October 11, 2014

Breakfast with the big man

No school for Jan on Thursday as final UPSR resit so together with her, we went for breakfast in Jln Pahlawan. We seldom go to this area (other than Good Happiness Restaurant for dim sum) as not so familiar with the coffee shops there. 
A very plain-looking coffee shop that is rather unattractive to outsiders

However, on Thursday we had a breakfast date with this man. Yes, the big man!  Who else but the famous Sibu food blogger none other than Mr Suituapui! He recommended a coffee shop here but we could not find it. Maybe moved out so ended up we went to Full Fortune Cafe.

Our breakfast date

This photo was secretly taken by my girl using my Galaxy S5. Not bad right?

Tomato kuaw tiaw

STP ordered the tomato kuaw tiaw from the last stall. It looked like what we have in Kuching. Red! STP did not fancy the red color but he did say it was good. So look can be deceiving. *wink*

Foochow fried noodle

I had this Foochow fried noodle from the same stall. Wow! Came out big plate and I had hard time finishing my noodle. It was good too. Better than what I had in other places but again, they could do better by adding more ingredients like fish cakes, fish balls and prawns.

Kolo mee

My girl, being a true Kuchingite, ordered kolo mee from the 1st stall. Not bad looking, right? It also came with sliced chilli and a saucer of fried shallot and spring onion. 

My girl liked it. She finished the whole bowl leaving the 2 balls behind. So a thumb up from my girl.

Of course besides eating, we had a great time chatting on food and other stuff. Don't know when I would be free to meet up with STP as we would be leaving Sibu middle next month. But hope to meet up again with him before I leave for Kuching. Till then, my friend. We shall meet again. :)


Sharon D. said...

Good morning, Rose. Lovely time flies! Back to being a Kuchingite again soon :)

Azura Chan said...

All noodles looks good. Happy weekend Rose!

suituapui said...

Middle of next month???? Aiyorrrrr!!!! So soon kah! Time does fly, don't realise it at all. We must go out again sometimes...before you leave.

Hmmmm...your naughty girl! Dangerous. I did not even know when she snapped my photograph. Looked like I was in pain or worried about something. Hehehehehe!!!!

Small Kucing said...

Wah nice photo wor though curi curi snap :)

Somewhere in Singapore said...

Wonder when will i have the honour to meet the Sibu Food Mayor, will loves to meetup with him, hehe...

Princess Ribbon said...

Nice food.. I like the Foochow noodles that looks like hailam mee.. Nice.. And I also like that plate of kolo mee, I also can finish the whole bowl, burrrpppp..

Blackswan said...

I've yet to try Foochow noodles, but it looks like our Hokkien mee. Kolo mee again??

mun said...

Hah, finally another meal with STP! Good!

ChrisAu said...

Wow....Breakfast with the food mayor. You make sure the food are good and nice.

Imemily said...

I never meet STP
but i always saw his name in other bloggers' comment column
finally i get how he looks like :)