Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Our Saturday morning started very early. The kids were up early, knowing it was a weekend but that did not stopped them from being up and rise early around 630am. The kids have recovered from their illness.

Jan had a discussion with few classmates so I dropped her off at her classmate's house which is very near to her school that morning. Just primary 2 and kids nowadays have group project and discussion. I remember I were still learning my spelling and words writing back in school days.

So only me and Jay after dropped both Jamie and Jan that morning. Hubby was travelling and only back from Miri that afternoon. Since we were in town area, I decided to have breakfast at Yummy's Cafe. It has been a while since I had breakfast there. 
Yummy's Cafe kampua

My boy wanted to eat kampua that morning so I ordered this for him. He did not really enjoyed it. Still like the kampua from his favourite coffee shop in Rejang Park. He can have it every day if he could help it. *wink*

For comparison, Kampua (only RM2.50) in My New Home Cafe, Rejang Park

My fishball kampua in Yummy's Cafe

On the other hand, I enjoyed my kampua because it tasted like kolo mee. Noodle was not soft, less lard and I ordered a different variation; ie fishballs kampua.

Maybe the noodle was hard so my boy did not like it. He prefers the softer and oilier kampua with lots of lard and fried shallots. 

My kampua was more expensive than his. RM3.50 while Jay's was RM2.70. Fishballs cost more than char siew, is it? 


Small Kucing said...

It;'s cheap at RM2.50

yeah when not well just eat something plain is better

Princess Ribbon said...

Kids nowadays, wah, as young as std 2 already got group discussions.. I remembered I have study group only in college.. None during schooling time.. And mum never allowed us to go over to friend's place/sleepover, etc..

Azura Chan said...

You're going to miss Sibu Kampua after this. Have to make STP send you supplies. hihi.

suituapui said...

Yummy's more like the original old-school taste - I quite like. I like Home's too - yes, softer and more soggy but the taste is pretty good. Both, I wouldn't mind eating unlike a number of other places.

Somewhere in Singapore said...

Nowadays, kids are stressful

ChrisAu said...

I also want to eat kampua noodles.

trishie said...

Don't think I've tried kampua noodles before but I sure would like to! So strange that fishballs cost more than charsiu.

Sharon D. said...

Hah...funny that fish balls would cost more than char siew!

mun said...

I am like Jay, I prefer soft noodles. So today is mother and son bonding time.

Henry Tan said...

wow rm2.50 only? that's really cheap!