Sunday, November 25, 2012


Sent hubby off to Kuching Airport this morning, he was catching a flight to KL for a meeting in Port Dickson for 2 days.  Since no one is at home as the kids are not around, I would be staying over with my family for 2 nights.  My house is too quiet at night and I do not like the feeling of being alone.  Not that I have a phobia of being home alone, but I still not used to my house although have been staying here for nearly 2 months now.

When we stayed in BDC, the area was rather lively at night.  Neighbours can be seen loitering outside the house, noises from the tv etc.  But in my current neighbourhood, it is rather quiet.  Too quiet to my liking.  It is like everyone retire early and no sounds from surrounding houses. And sometimes I heard noises in the cabinet etc.  Or maybe I am dreaming? 

I think staying over with my family is a good choice.  Near to the shop and save my time and petrol.     

Got to go now.  Need to go to shop as one staff is not coming, on sick leave. 


Cynful Pleasure said...

I don't enjoy staying home-alone.. if any point I am alone, I usually 'run' to somewhere till someone is back..

P/s: can request to turn off the verification mode? it's getting difficult to read and I have to refresh a few times in order to get one readable one. Sorry if I am asking too much.. :D

Rose world said...

Oops. Is it? Okay, I try to turn off the verification mode. I didnt bother about it in first place. Thanks for the comment, dear.