Monday, December 3, 2012

I am still learning

I am perfectionist by nature.  Everything must be right even tiny meeny details.  Sometimes I think my nature is making me into a difficult person to deal with. 

Many days I dreamt about been a stay-at-home-mum with my 2 growing kids.  Attending to their needs, doing house chores and same time making myself a better person.  But the truth is sometimes I ended up been wounded.  Even before I am a real SAHM.  How ironic! 

For the time being, I am something like this lady.  Juggle between work and family.

But few women I know have done it and they are becoming a better mum and wife at home.  They sacrificed their high paid career to stay at home and taking care of the household.  When I was in my early 20s, I told myself that I would not want to stay at home and be like my mum.  I was in my career woman mind back then.  Want to earn big money, go for holidays, buy the things I want to, spend like nobody business and lead the life I want.  But now that I am in her shoes, I grow to understand her feelings and how she has struggled all those years at home with 3 young kids.  She done it perfectly and how her 3 offsprings accomplished in life. 

I would love to learn from my mum.  And so I plod on.  Decided to follow her footsteps.  Although her is the other way round.  A full time homemaker who eventually helping my dad in his business at home.  You can said that my mum is a semi work-at-home mum. 

Once a while I am imagining how my new job description and work scope would be.  A cook.  A cleaner.  A decorator.  A gardener.  A teacher.  Cooking, cleaning, gardening and teaching would be a constant routine. 

I am going to become like this lady, minus the baby as both kids are growing.  Hahah!

Like any other jobs, I know that it is a tough job with long time and I may come down to being depressed and unmotivated.  But I know that it is worth everything and sacrifices.  Because a love from home is what my kids need.  And with love, they can learn better and become better persons.  And I will learn along with my kids.  Every steps we take, we will take it with full hearts and minds. *wink*


Ezvina said...

all d best.

Hayley said...

I am currently a SAHM, I really feel like a superwoman sometimes (Though with just one baby at the moment).

Well, that's life, and we as woman have the nature ability to do it, hehe. Gambateh~

Unknown said...

Rose, I know how you feel being a superwomen. I also dreamt of being SAHM too. But till now the dream haven't comes true. Maybe it take sometimes from now on...will see.

Anyway best of luck to you Rose! Now I know you love gardening....