Sunday, December 9, 2012

My Spice Bottles

I always fancy those spice bottles sold in the supermarket.  So I would not hesistate to get all those spice bottles when we moved to our home.  And they fit my spice bottles set just nice.  *wink*

I like the mark on the set.  Little house.

It is hard to find fresh herbs in Kuching and they are pretty expensive too.  So for lazy bug like me that seldom cook Western dishes, spice bottles are good substitute.  I usually used oregano, parsley and garlic powder for my dishes. But I always want to plant those herbs like rosemary, thyme and basil.  They are not difficult to plant right?  But the problem is I do not have green fingers.  Worry nothing will grow out from the pot.  Lol! 

Well, I need to use up those spices soon.  Or my hubby will be complaining that my spice bottles are meant for display purposes other than cooking use.

Okay, before my hubby starts to complain again, I better whip up my cooking skill! *wink*