Monday, December 17, 2012

Plan for holiday

We did not go anywhere for holiday this year.  Too busy with works, business and house that we did not have times to spare.  So next year we are planning one or two vacations overseas. 

Hubby planned to do some coats in Thailand, so we are planning to go to Thailand sometime middle of the year.  And my ever fun-going sister has been hinting that she would want to tag along if I am going to Thailand, so we shall bring her along.  Maybe my mum would be going too since she has never been to Thailand.  I also never been to Thailand.  Heard so much about its food, scenery and shopping, so I am very excited to visit this interesting country next year.

I have been discussing my Thailand holiday with my Singaporean cousin.  She has been going to Bangkok so many times with her hubby so she is very familiar with the surrounding.  They would be coming with us and bring us sightseeing with her uncle who staying in Bangkok.  So, it would be a leisure vacation for us.

We are planning to go during the kids' school holidays.  The kids would not tag along so they would be going back to hometown during the holidays. 
Ooooh,  I am dreaming about my vacation now.  Lol!  Checking our passports, mine is still valid for 2 more years, whereas hubby needs to renew his since it has expired this year.


Hayley said...

So you have to wait another 5-6 months for a holiday?
Hehe.. BKK is a shopping paradise! I am sure you'll love it!

Libby said...

Bangkok is a SUPER nice place to shop, shop until you drop Rose! SUPER cheap and nice stuff there! Heehee... are you tempted already?