Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Little greens

I don't have green fingers, unlike my mum who has beautiful gardens.  So not to let any flowers suffer in my hands, I resort to green plants instead.  Or you can say that I have no confidence in having potted flowers blooming in my hands. 

A peek at my green friends.

I think my lemongrass looks pitiful.  Maybe it is time to transfer to ground??

My screwpine and spring onion.  I have been very hardworking taking care of these two pots.   Wonder when I can use them for my kitchen??

When you enter through the door, you will see this little cute vase of green plant welcoming you to our home

Another crawly green friend in the room.  I like its green yellowish leaves; nice colour combination

At least our house look nicer and greener with those plants around.  Not too dull. 

If you notice some peels in my pots of screwpine, spring onion and lemongrass, they are indeed the fruits and vegetables residue from my morning juicing.  Whenever I cook, I will use the water from the rinsing of the rice to water my plants as well. 

And recently I bought an organic humus for the plants and hopefully with the fertilizer, it will make my plants grow beautifully. 

I am thinking of planting some cactuses too. They are easier to handle and less care, right?  What fertiliser are you using, if you don't mind sharing.  Thanks in advance.


Oliveoylz said...

I love green plants in the house but unfortunately have to resort to fake plants as I don't have a green thumb. Lovely plants, indoors and outdoors in your home.

Hayley said...

Yea, greens are good for us!
I also got a small pot of money plant in my room..

yvonne said...

I don't have green finger either. So I don't do gardening :(

Sorry, can't be much help here.