Tuesday, December 30, 2008

TV in the room?

I have not been feeling well lately, always feeling dizzy and tired. I told hubby that I am becoming to be like an "old lady", sleeping pretty early every night. LOL! Hubby told me that he is getting a television in our room! Oh god! Our room is like junk room now and he is thinking of having one television in the room some more?? Now I am thinking whether I am going to have an early and peaceful sleep or not every night if there is a tv in the room!

We already have computer in the room. Now a television? I think it is a bit too much for our bedroom to have few electrical/electronic items, too many currents moving around. Too many things in the room I think sooner or later I cannot go across the room. LOL! He said he got good offer on television so he cannot wait to get it soon. You can say I am paranoid, but I always think it is not good “chi” to have too many “electricity” especially in bedroom where you suppose to relax and sleep.

I always oppose to hubby’s suggestion of putting his computer in the room. But since the computer installed in, I find some “companion” at night when hubby was not around and I can go online or watch DVD! *wink* So I cannot complain much about having computer in the room now right?

Do you think it is good idea to have tv in the room since we already have computer there?? Later the bedroom is going to turn into theatre room with one corner watching DVD on computer and other on television. Gosh! Cant imagine the noise in the room now!!

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pearly said...

yeah it is I can't leave without a TV in our room , soem time TV will watch me to sleep :P