Wednesday, December 24, 2008

He shall be forgiven

Christmas is tomorrow and I guess most people is taking leave today. I am one of them. It was a relieve to be off on a mid-week, away from the stress of work. Not only the paper works that take much tolls, but some colleagues are sure nasty that they can spoil your mood too.

There is a colleague in my company, everyone called him “Giant”. Because he is big and tall, more than 6ft. He is towering among the colleagues.

It is not the height and size I would like to share today, but his attitude. He is one of the rudest man I have ever set my eyes upon. Always with sour face, he is rude to all the colleagues, especially the sales team. I am the newest among the sales team, so most of the times, I would be his “target”. A bit of mistake, he will point it out in such sarcastic remark, that will send your blood boiling. But nevertheless, I have to thank this giant too. If not him, I would not learn the mistake and be more careful next time.

Colleagues have been warning me about him and even complained to manager, but nothing change. They have get used to his sarcastic remarks and attitude. Why he cannot be more polite since we are under the same company and everyone is working together? Never reciprocate back when you smile or greet him. Each time I go to the washroom, I would need to pass his table. So I have to treat like he is invisible and walk faster passing his table. Now. Now. Wonder who is rude here?? *wink*

All I wish is that he could be nicer and friendly. He must have some hard time in life, that he behaving such way?? Either way, pray that he could be different!!

There is always a baddie in a company. Someone that make trouble for other, someone bully the other or someone that loves to backstab other colleagues. I guess we cant live without them, right??

Alright, better not gossiping about other behind his back. It is not a good deed in this time of the year. Everyone should forget and forgive. Let’s have a wonderful Christmas Day and Peace and Love to the World!! Merry Christmas to my family and all dearest friends!!


Hazel said...

Merry, merry Xmas to u n ur family...Enjoyyy!

Dav DiDi said...

Merry Xmas!!!

Anonymous said...

Wishing You Wonderful Christmas, For Rose and Family