Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Just a silly thought

Just finish hanging my washed laundry at the balcony. It was a tiring day, some colleagues are on leave, leaving few of us to handle sales. Maybe it is end of the year, so we have many customers around.

Sometimes I wish life would be better at home after coming back from a hectic work. Don’t you wish for a machine or robot that can wash the dirty clothing, take them out from washing machine, hang them for drying and fold them nicely for you?? *wink* I must be dreaming too much or I am too tired to dream of such impossible??

Either way, I wish I can have some miracle or magic. Sometimes I am too tired that I just leave the dirty clothing washed in the washing machine at night and only dry hang them the next morning. No energy after work! Sigh!

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JenJen's Place said...

I know EXACTLY how u feel. Guilty for not doing it and yet just no energy to do it! So, now I tell myself, I am the one doing it, so I will do it when I feel like it :P