Monday, December 8, 2008

Beautiful things

My hand, arm and legs are painful now. After hanging the tennis racket for more than 2 years, this morning 2 hours of tennis game proved a bit too much for me. My game turned rusty, hardly can hit much balls into the other side of the court. We played from 8am till 10am at the nearby tennis court. Regardless of the rusty games, I love the sweating and exercise.

Since nothing much to be done this afternoon and little gal is following her aunt and uncle for a walk at The Spring (she just loves window shopping), I decided to sort out my pictures in my thumbdrive, arranging them according to dates. Although my thumbdrive is of 2GB, I am not so sure it can fit much pictures judging from the vast pictures I have taken all this while. Mostly of little gal. I guess being the first child, as a parent, you always want to take memories of your child and his or her growing years.

The latest pictures of her taken are posted in my other blog, where we were helping out hubby to set up Christmas tree in his office last week. Before we off to his office, we stopped by the shop that sold festive decorations and gifts as hubby would like to get some more decorations for his tree. Hubby still like a kid, loves to decorate Christmas tree. I think Christmas is one of his favourite holiday! LOL! While we were at the shop, I took the opportunity to take some shots of the decoration they have. They have some really nice decorative trees there (white, blue, tall and short; you name it, they have it) and little gal was very excited to see so many Christmas trees and decorative stuff, she kept running here and there.

Don't you like this nice silver bell? How about the classic looking Santa?? This is one part I like about Christmas. Time to shop for decoration and presents, decorate Christmas trees and enjoy some classic Christmas songs.


Hazel said...

i love to hear Christmas song while shopping..

Gallivanter said...

I only played tennis once in my life, always wanted to follow it up, but I don't seem to be really motivated for it. Hmmm, must try again while my body is OK. :-)


JenJen's Place said...

Hi Rose,
WOW! 2hrs tennis! Have not played for so long that I dont even know if I remember how to hold the racket :S

Anyway, definitely looking forward to going back and meet up with you guys!!

Nessa said...

I don't know how to play tennis, I've never even tried playing it! I only know how to play badminton :)

Unknown said...

i played once with my ex-collegues. i love christmas even im not a chrsitian...btw, a tag for u at

slavemom said...

U must hv felt so good after exercising n sweating. How I miss such vigorous exercise. Hope u'll hv more of such sessions. :)
Btw, here's a tag for u.