Monday, December 29, 2008

Prepare your kids for school

My 2 years old plus daughter is going to pre-school next year. Tomorrow I am going to accompany her to school to collect her school uniforms, exercise pants and books. I wonder what she would feel when going over there tomorrow? Schooling starts on 5 January. As parents, both of us are excited and yet anxious at the same time. It is a wonder whether it is her or us going to school instead. LOL!

It may not be easy but like every young kids, it is a new stepping stone for her to enter school years. They may be unfamiliar and even fear on 1st day at school. I remember vividly of my 1st day in kindergarden, I was confused and don’t know what was going on. So it is important as a parent, the responsibility to ease their feeling as well ensure their school days (especially the first few days) as smoothly as possible.

Sleep well
Your kid must have enough sleep to ensure she feels refreshed and rejuvenated. She will tend to be more attentive and ready for school. On the other hand, lack of vital sleep, will result in her feeling stressed, confused, irritable and restless. She will it hard to concentrate in class.

Eat healthy

A nutritious breakfast is a good start for your child’s day. Fill up the fridge will fresh and nutritious snacks such as milks or soy products, yogurt, fruits and cereals.

Ease her up
Tell her stories of school, how she going to meet and play with new friends and all nice activities she will learn. Prepare her for what to expect in school will not stress or confuse her when the time has come. For one month, I have trained her to carry her bag which contains books and colouring pencil and get her to bring to her baby sitter's house. And every time passes her new pre-school while on the way to baby sitter's house, she will point to her school. Hmm, good to know she recognised her school.

Understand and stay interested
After school, ask your kid what she has learn or done in school. Be interested in what they say or done. School is a new experience for young kid; and parents’ support is what they need

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