Sunday, January 20, 2008

Wild Wild West

The venue, Sarawak Club

Table Decoration

Me (centre) flanked by two beautiful cowgirls

Food and food!

Backdrop of the night

My company staff dinner held last Friday night was fun with everyone dressed up in cowboy, cowgirl and red Indian style in sync with the theme of the night. Wild Wild West required everyone to be dressed in Western style. Everyone in the mood of fun!

Food was buffet style with every one queuing up in orderly manner, although there were a lot of fierce and hungry cowboys around. Besides nice food, there were dances and singing performances by some of the staff from different subsidiaries group of companies.
Free seating, everyone mingle around with other staff from other departments and even other companies. Bosses mixed and sat with staff. Everyone let their hair down and just enjoying themselves around, minus the formality. It is truely a night to be remember by everyone.


KristyCK said...

Wild Wild West! Look like you guys had lots of fun. I love the table deco, real western eh. :-))

Nick Phillips said...

That looked like a pretty cool company dinner. The wild west theme was a great idea. Our company dinners here are just plain boring ...

janice said...

so little picture of u only ar..

Rose world said...

Billy's mom, yeah, got chance to meet lots of staff from other subsidiary companies. I like the table decoration too.

Nick, how plain and boring is your annual dinner?

Janicepa, not that i dont want to download more photos, later people thought i show off! ;p Hahaha!