Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Old Friends’ Date

A friend from Brunei dropped by Kuching last week. She was one of my LCCI classmates in Inti College Kuching back in 1995. Initially she plans to take up her final ACCA papers in Kuching and stay here for 6 months, but last minute, the higher learning institution told her the class cancelled as not enough students. So, she got no choice but to go back to Brunei and look for new job (she resigned from her old job before coming to Kuching) and find other alternative to complete her ACCA. She considered this as a holiday and opportunity to meet up with old classmates instead! LOL.

My friend from Brunei

Most of our classmates from LCCI have not been kept in touch after graduating, some married and reside at other places and some went back to hometown or staying in overseas. However few of us still keep in touch via email and sms no matter how far and busy we are! End up only 3 of us went out for a dinner date last Saturday evening.

The trio!

We have our dinner at this café opposite Bomba Jalan Padungan called Bombastic Café. It has been there for ages and I never step into this café before! My other friend recommended this place as she said the food is nice. Hmm, my first impression of this café is that the set up is really simple, but not eye catching enough. I think you wouldn’t want to go there too yourself if no one recommend you to go there!

Look at their creative menu!

Layout of the cafe

We ordered its toast with peanut butter and kaya, which is very nice. Eat it while it is hot!! I have fried rice with chicken stick. I like its chicken stick, the fried rice is so-so only! Tasteless and not warm enough for me. My two friends had chicken chop with mushroom sauce and Spaghetti Bolognese. Their food tasted better than mine, believe me! Hahaha! Conclusion, if you are looking for food with reasonable price, this place is for you. Just don’t expect too much on the food quality. :)

Look at how thick the bread is! Yummy peanut butter coated on top with kaya

My fried rice with chicken stick and fried egg

Chicken Chop with white mushroom sauce

Spaghetti Bolognase


Yoolees said...

Hi Rose... You make me feel hungry again... Those photos looks yummy... Can I take my spoon?

Space of Reality

Rose world said...

hahaha! Hye! Sure, help yourself to the food! ;p

KristyCK said...

Hi Rose,
The restaurant look pretty big and food looks good too! :-)

Rose world said...

Hi Billy's mom, the cafe is in an old shop, so it is very spacious and long. Old shops here are very long.