Saturday, January 26, 2008

Lunch Date @ Patio

I received a surprise SMS from darling hubby on Thursday, asking me for lunch! Hmm, he seldom asked me out for lunch so why not? People pay for lunch and I do not need to drive myself. What other good reason of not accepting his offer? LOL

We tried out a new eating place at Jalan Ang Cheng Ho (facing the main road) called Patio. You would kind of miss this place as you would not notice it with the rest of shops. Spare parts shop, a drinking place, electrical shop on the same row of shops, and you would not know there is a nice café there. Some markers for those interested to try out this place. Patio is facing the main road turn to the right before stopping the traffic light, the shop is overlooking KMC Swimming Pool.

The interior design of Patio is not that grand, but cosy with teak furniture and a set of sofa with cushions for comfort dining enjoyment. Never under estimate this place as turn out the food was nice and price was pretty reasonable too.

Check out the food! I ordered Fish & Chips. It has been ages since I have Fish & Chips. Make me feel like a child again! Hahaha! I usually have rice for lunch, so for a change I have something different and try its Western cuisine instead. The fish coat is just nice, not too much coating on it. I have to ask for more tartar sauce, not enough for my whole fish!

Hubby's Mamak Fried Noodles

My Fish & Chips

Hubby has its mamak fried noodle. We ordered some side dishes like garlic bread and hot & spicy squid. We finished all the food in front of us except for the fried noodle. Darling hubby complained that the fried noodle too spicy for him but nevertheless it is tasty. He “tapau” the remaining noodle and bring to his office.

Hot & Spicy Squid

Smell nice garlic bread

Our lunch costs only RM28.10! Garlic bread is free as I have some coupons from Patio. Not that expensive right? And we go back to our respective office full and sleepy! LOL!

If you ask me whether I would go back to Patio, I definitely will. Just a 10 minutes drive from my office.


KristyCK said...

The food looks yummy esp the mamak fried noodles....yumyum! BTW, you looks great, kawan. :-)

Anonymous said...

The place look very cozy, would like to try if I am near by. And the food look delicious too.

Btw, I have a tag for you. Have a nice weekend. :)

Anonymous said...

I love the fried noodles..! fish & chips.. i can give it a missed.. ;)