Sunday, January 13, 2008

Juicy Oysters

Ta Khiong, the supermarket chain in The Spring was simply packed with families and bargain goers on Saturday evening. We were pretty surprised to see lots of imported goods and food sold there as far as we know Ta Khiong is a local supermarket operator. Credit given to Ta Khiong. After surveying the area, my conclusion is the price pretty on high side compared to other supermarket for some of the items, but as for availability you can get almost everything there.
Initial plan was to hunt for some groceries but darling hubby is very excited to find some fresh oysters on sale! RM15.60 for 4 oysters per pack. He cant resist such good seafood so bought 2 packs of it. LOL. I never trust him following his shopping list as each time he will detour from the list and end up buying lots of items home. He is more of an impulse shopper.

To compliment the oyster, he bought a white wine, Douglas Green with it. He does know his wine well I have to say. Although it is not a good white wine, nevertheless it go along fine with the oyster.

We took the oysters immediately as dont want to spoil its freshness and kept them overnight. So basically cool it with some ices and a squeeze of lemon with fried shallot. Oh yeah, and also the wine for our supper.


pearly said...

oh wooo that is so lovely meal huh

I am not a big fun of Oysters but I don't mind if it tempura it kekeke.

expensive to too in malaysia , in UK I think is the same price I guess . woo oysters really good for your hubby huh keek xxxx have a lovely sunday

Rose world said...

Full of zinc and a source of aphrodisiac. Hahaha! So consider it a romantic food LOL

Sue Sue said...

Oysters... oh I love it. Hahaha Ta Kiong the most problematic outlet. Why cos they are parallel importers and I got so much headache with them cos they are selling all of our products at a lower price.

Yoolees said...

Wow... yummy oysters... I miss eating oysters... Yummm.

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Rose world said...

Sue, is it??? I understand the taukey is from Sibu.....a Foochow! Hahaha! Not easy to deal with them, right?

Here, their imported items very pricey . Of course as been imported, they marked up the price.