Thursday, January 24, 2008

When you less expect it, it comes to you

Life is very unpredictable. You would not know what is going to happen to you and the world tomorrow, or even the next second. You have been fine all this time since you were born to this world, and suddenly everything crash down on you! Isn’t it pathetic?

I have a story to share with you. A cousin of mine is in her late 30s. Happily married with 2 young children (both in primary schools), and a promising career, she was well-liked and cheerful woman. Recently we met her and her family in a supermarket, we didn’t have time to stop and chat with them! Just a simple “hi” then move to do our shopping! Sigh! Now thinking of this incident, I was a bit on the regret note. Why I didn’t stop for a chat with her, ask how is she doing and other womanly talk? That was last month.

Just middle of this month she went for a thorough check up as she has been feeling unwell for few months. Always out of breath and weak, so she went for a check up! To her shock, she discovered she has a lump in her heart! The lump is covering her valve causing her “short breath” problem. Doctor told her to arrange for an immediate operation on the lump with chance of successful operation is less than 50%. If she did not operate, she would stumble to her death as the lump may disrupt her heart function anytime soon. So she is at the mercy of 50-50 survival rate!! Operate, she is betting with her life; not operate, she does not know how long her life span is. She chooses to bet her life with the lump!

Operation was conducted few days ago, doctor has successfully rectified the problem and her heart is functioning well. Then another problem came out! Her brain is affected by the pressure from the operation….OMG! She is now under sedative, doctors are continuing to monitor her blood pressure. Currently her pressure is very high, should anything happen it will affect her brain cell. Doctors cannot determine her condition as for now, as she has not yet wake up. Now it is all depends on her determination to stay alive and pray hard that nothing damaging happen to her brain. Should everything under control, she will be able to recover soon!

Her story just comes too sudden for us and her family early this week. Pity on her children. They are too young to understand what their mother is going through now. Just cannot imagine how the husband and children going to cope should anything happen to her. Prayers go to her and her family!

I have been telling my hubby to have healthy eating habit, exercise more and quit smoking! He simply told me off that he is thinking of buying more insurance coverage for the family! Damn him, I was telling him that health is very important, not money! Now in his 30s, he has a very unhealthy lifestyle! Stress from work, lack of exercise, bad eating habit, smoking and drinking habit, he need to reconsider his health seriously.

Young successful people have been dying early in their life, i.e. 30s and 40s. Mostly died from cancer or heart attack. Some even practice healthy life style, but still they are not spared. I believe it is the food and stress that surrounded us that cause such immature death.

Nowadays, people are taking more processed food instead of cooking and eating healthy and fresh food. Stress from work and other commitment with lack of exercise also contribute to heart problem, which I strongly believe they are related in other way. So I was telling my darling hubby to take everything easily especially at work as he is working in the banking line which is very demanding and stressful! And not forgetting to cut down on fatty food (he loves to take meat), and exercise more. You can never know what is going to happen, those that suffer is not only you, but the one close to you! Pray for a healthy life, shall we?


Anonymous said...

Hi Rose, I'm sorry to hear about your cousin. Like you said, life is full of unexpected events. You can never predict what might happen tomorrow, or even the next minute. I think it is important for us to cherish what we have, be content, and take care of each other. I hope that doesn't sound too cliche.

Lastly, I hope all is well with your cousin.

Nick Phillips (15/03/1967 - 04/11/2022) said...

Sorry to hear about your cousin, hope she recovers though.

Life is just too short and totally unpredictable. So my advise is life like this is your last day and enjoy it to the fullest ...

Rose world said...

thanks Linda and Nick for dropping by! Yeah, hope everything is fine. Up to today, she has yet to regain consciousness. What a year to start with for my cousin's family. Sigh!

InspiredMumof2 said...

It is indeed unfortunate for your cousin. I myself had done an annual check up early last year, and all is well except for my anemia. Within half a year, I had health problems turning up one after another. I believe all related to a same health issue which I diagnosed myself with.
I also agree that exercise is a must.

Hope that your cousin will win the battle with her current condition. It partly depends on her will power to survive. Would be adviceable to ask her love ones to keep talking to her.

Just an encouragement - it did occur to some comatose patients who work up after a while. Her family must not give up too.

SportsChatz said...

Yes healthy is the most important thing in our life among others. Hope things will just go well on ur cousin.

pearly said...

so sorry to hear about your cousin , hope god with her and she will recovers soon .
yes as you say is so right Money is not everything health is the most important in live .
happy with want we have and enjoy the live we can , take care my dear xxxxxxx

janice said...

sorry to hear bout ur cousin.. Hope she will be fine very soon..

True.. we will never know wat will happen .. but we must always take pre-caution..

Rose world said...

Inspired mum, yes, we are hoping for miracle here! :) Which remind me, I have to do my check up this year too! You take care.

Sportschatz and Pearly, money isnt everything in this world. If you dont have the health to enjoy the money, also no use.

Janicepa, you take care too!!

KristyCK said...

Hi Rose, I am sorry to hear about your cousin. Hope she will recover soon. How life is so unpredictable, we can just try our best to live a healthy life. We will pray with you. Take care!

Sue Sue said...

Sorry to hear that. What you said is right, LIFE... we dont know what happen to us tomorrow. Hope your cousin get well soon. And lets start a healthy living from now onwards. Life is sometimes too short so enjoy when you can and play to the fullest.

JenJen's Place said...

Hi dear!
Starting to catch up with your postings. Sorry to hear the sad news about your cousin and glad to know that she is doing better now.
Yes, you should continue to nag ur big J abt having a healthier lifestyle and money is not everything...I am also always nagging my babe to quit smoking but men being men, he just ignore me. Guess we need to try harder..