Sunday, January 13, 2008

Un-Springgy Experience

We went to The Spring for dinner yesterday. Jam and full of people as usual. Luckily we able to find a parking space at such time (around 630pm).

Guess what!? All the shopping mall's escalators are out and not functioning. What happen to them after opening for 3 days?? Huh? Big question mark there.

Anyway we went for our dinner, first we stopped at their Food Bazaar but it is like a war zone. We were not determine to fight those crowds so we went to other places. No luck at Sushi King, queue of 10 peoples outside their outlet. So, we tugged along with little gal, walked aimlessly like "chicken without head" around the mall looking for food to feed our hungry stomaches.

Thank god we find a good place in Kluang Station, no queues in front of their shop and the shop looks pretty inviting too. However we discovered that they out of most food! Not much choices in their menu some more and now they only left few choices to choose from! What? Either they didnt expect such good business or they didnt stock up well for the new shopping mall. Some more, the mall is open up till 12 midnight.

We ordered nasi lemak which is only RM3.90 per plate. Hubby has 2 glasses of ice tea and myself a sirap bandung. Overall the food is just so so, nothing to shout about been one plate of nasi lemak came. They missed out one plate. However the problem was rectified and we quickly have our meal, as little gal was getting restless and making lots of noise.
We went for our shopping at the supermarket. Imported items such as fruits, packaged food can be found there. More on shopping in my next post!

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