Sunday, February 18, 2024

Touch your heart

Dim sum, literally means "touch your heart" is a Cantonese dish that usually eaten for breakfast and brunch. 

Dim sum served with tea eventually evolved into the modern "yam cha".  This delectable morsel is served in bamboo steamers, making it a distinctive Cantonese culture.

Since last month, Jia Hao Cafe started provide more choice for patrons by serving dim sum. For time being, we have 10 types of dim sum for customers to enjoy. 

When think of dim sum, what is the first thing comes to mind?? Char siew bao?? Har Kau (prawn dumplings)? We have that cover for you.

Har kau

The China-originated soup dumplings aka xiao long bao is also on the menu, so for those who love the piping hot pork soup dumpling, you can give this a taste. 

Xiao long bao

Slowly gaining popularity is this bacon roll, which was loved by younger customers. Savoury bite with that bacony flavour. 
Bacon roll

Chicken feet and braised pork with yam are also quite a hit among the customers.
Chicken feet

Lo mai kai and lotus glutinous rice are both rice based dim sum that we offer.  

Glutinous rice in lotus leaf

The best seller is the custard bun. Liu sha bao is an irresistible snack that is soft and fluffy outside while oozing with egg yolk custard inside. 

Custard bun

So when you need a quick bite or a side dish, don't forget to order one or more basket of dim sum. 

Stall: dim sum


mun said...

Wah, your dim sum stall will be the most popular stall in your shop because everyone loves to eat good tasty dim sums. 👍 😋

Angie's Recipes said...

These dimsum have me drool big time!

Nux V said...

i would frequent to your shop more to have yummy dim sum like these, lol!

PH said...

Very good addition to your kopitiam. There are many people who enjoy dim sum and I am sure your regulars are very pleased!

suituapui said...

Looks good. Got pork, already a winner!