Sunday, February 11, 2024

Lunch on the eve

Shop is taking a 3-days break for CNY. Our first CNY at the shop, so we had a proper cleaning and fire crackers playing on Thursday. Our CNY holiday is from 9 to 11th, so we are re-opening our business tomorrow. 

Our reunion lunch on the eve of Chinese New Year at home started around 2 pm.

Our reunion meal this year was more protein based with meats served on our reunion table. 

My mil cooked this lovely braised wild boar meat with lemongrass. Super tasty, super nice. The meat was given by a relative who arrived from Kapit last weekend. 

A friend gave us this big white pomfret so we simply having it steamed. 

Just add some fish sauce, garlic and ginger, the fish was ready for steaming. It turned out to be lovely and delicious. 

Another seafood was this lobster that hubby bought not long ago. Just simple boil was good to preserve its freshness and sweetness. 

Not all was cooked at home, for example a pack of RM40 roasted pork from Old Bank Cafe in the morning. 

And roasted duck that was sold in  Bao Xiang BBQ shop in MJC. Supposed to be RM65 for one whole duck but it was sold for RM70 on the eve. 

I did the chopping since they don't chop on the eve for you. I chopped half of the duck for our lunch while the remaining half I kept in freezer. 

The kids love ngoh hiang (spring roll) so we bought a pack of frozen mini ngoh hiang and deep fried ourselves. Never could go wrong with Jakar mini ngoh hiang.

To balance up our intake, my mil cooked stir fried mixed vegetables. She served green peas, red pepper, baby corns and leeks in one dish. 

So what was on your reunion lunch or dinner?? It is still not late to wish everyone "Happy and Blessed Lunar New Year"! Gong xi fa cai!!


Angie's Recipes said...

Such a feast! Happy Chinese New Year, Rose.

mun said...

Happy CNY to you and your family! Wow! Nice to have a feast during CNY reunion dinner when there are many people around! My favourite dish is your colourful vege dish.

PH said...

Protein based reunion meal, I like! Everything on the table are so yummy. Happy CNY and happy opening shop again!

Nux V said...

wah, lavish meal! i m drooling over here.....Happy CNY to you and family! May your business continue to prosper!