Friday, March 1, 2024

A visit

My sil and her two young children are paying us a visit, staying in our house for over a week. They flew in on Wednesday morning. 

In a taxi, they directly went to our coffee shop from the airport for breakfast. After a while, I took the children back to meet up with their cousins. Children, they do get along and blend in pretty fast. 

On the first evening, I drove them around the old part of Kuching, namely Electra House as I needed to collect my sio bee (siu mai) from Open Air Market. Then we went back to our area and settled our dinner at this food court. It has become our favourite dinner place as they have many choices for everyone.

We seated right in front of this big soup jar. A food stall selling nutritious Chinese soup such as peanut soup, cordyceps pork rib soup etc. hubby tasted its peanut pork ribs soup before. He seemed to enjoy it. 

No, no one ordered soup that evening. I ain't going to go into much on what we had as it was more or less the same like what we had during our last visit.

A friend recommended that we try the kompia from the kampua stall. So we ordered some to try this round. 
It was good, well fried and crispy. Not too salty, the taste was nice. 

Jay ordered beef pepperoni (RM18) from Small Coconut stall. 

He finished most of it so I guess it was nice. I didn't get to taste it, so I can't say much about it. 

We meant to go to Aeon Mall for shopping but as Jan was having her last SPM exam paper on Thursday, we decided to go another day for that. 


mun said...

Ah, good of you as the hostess to show your guests around the area. My spouse would love to drink those nutritious soup. Yummy 😋
Jan would ace all her SPM papers with flying colours!

Nux V said...

Despite your busy schedule, you keep up to be a great hostess! You are a superwoman!

Angie's Recipes - Taste of Home said...

I would love to try some peanut pork ribs soup.

suituapui said...

I love having relatives come and visit. Your SIL from Sibu? The Kosway one?

Rose world said...