Tuesday, April 18, 2023

Yummy Xpress

I have a couple of 20% discount vouchers from Yummy Xpress (SCR and Chi.cago7), so before they are expiring middle of the year, I used up one not long ago. 

I was unable to cook that day, so together with Jay, we dropped by the MJC outlet to settle our lunch. 

Jay requested a burger for him to bring to school. He was having beef and cheese burger for his recess time. 

As for his lunch, he wanted fish n chip. Surprised with his choice since he rarely goes for such. Anyway, he finished most of his lunch except few fries. 

As for the other boy, he was having the roasted chicken rice, which he enjoyed in the past. 

I ordered fried rice for myself as well as for Jan. As usual, the portion was huge and both of us were having hard time finishing it off. Lol.  

The kids will be having a long Raya and school holiday starting tomorrow. Any plans?? Not going anywhere special.  However there are things for me to do, so I guess I will be busy. And the weather has been so hot that I don't feel like stepping out of the house if possible....Now I am wishing for a colder climate for the coming weeks. 


Angie's Recipes said...

The foods look really flavourful and tasty. I want esp. the fish :-)

mun said...

Are you embarking on a business venture? All the best! I will go for the fish n chips in your this post. Yummy!😋

suituapui said...

Oh? So that's what it's called? I prefer Sugar Bun. Yeah, holidays start today till the whole of next week! That should keep you busy. Hehehehehehe!!!

Reanaclaire said...

Yes, the fried rice is indeed big portion... I think your son is in his growing age now, needs more carbs and meat... hahaha...
Yeah, I heard two weeks holiday for the school kids... really enjoy!

Nux V said...

Weather is so hot here in KL and the air is hazy too. I'm not going out for the long holiday.