Monday, February 6, 2023

Last night in Palm View

This was our last night in Langkawi. The boys insisted on staying in the motel room, so only three of us went out for dinner. 

We chose this Chinese seafood restaurant, Palm View as our dinner venue. 

A Thai lady waitress took our order. Actually many Thais working in Langkawi as Thailand is not that far. We did went for a Thai foot massage on our 2nd night in Langkawi. RM30 for 30 minutes. Jan also joined in and she was enjoying her first foot  massage. Lol.

Ok, back to our dinner. The lady took our order well and soon our food came. They served the rice in an aluminium rice serving bowl. 

I packed one pack for Jamie's dinner, and as for Jay, we bought an Italian thin crust pizza from another outlet after we done with our dinner. 

These were what we had that evening; the crispy duck in Thai sauce, stir fried kangkung with garlic and kam heong mantis prawns. We ordered small portion as we worried we can't finish them all. 

And hubby also ordered this bowl of shark fin soup. 

After dinner, we took a stroll in Cenang Walk. Bought pizza for Jay before dropped Jan at the motel and handed out the boys' dinner. Meant to go for a drink with hubby but then we could feel the cold wind and heard thunder. So we decided not to, but stay in the room with the kids. That was how we spent our last night in Cenang. 


Angie's Recipes said...

I adore Thai food. That looks like a really delicious meal, Rose.

mun said...

Looks like a nice stroll at Cenang Walk. I would like that plate of mantis prawns.

PH said...

What a lovely dinner and a copy evening!

Nancy Chan said...

I love Thai food and its been a long time since I last enjoyed Thai food.

Nux V said...

wow, couple 'after dinner' nite walk & 'supposedly' drinking date....without the kids...i would be so excited, LOL!

suituapui said...

I love Thai food. Count me in anytime!