Thursday, November 10, 2022

Turned out to be

As you know that our current favourite kueh chap is in Lao San Kueh Chap in Xing Xing Wang which is not that far from our place. However since last month, the kueh chap stall has been TEMPORARILY closed as they were opening a new shop in Petanak. So we were deprived of a good kueh chap in our area. 

After weeks passed by, my hubby was craving for its delicious and comforting kueh chap. Last Saturday he was up so early, around 5am. And of course I was woken up by him naturally, and since we were unable to doze off again, we decided to find this new shop and drive all the way to Petanak.

We reached the shop around 630am and they just gotten ready the shop. Talking about being early birds. It was drizzling that morning so a bowl of warm broth sounds enticing!!

While we waited for the shop to be ready to serve us, we looked around the shop. To our surprise, it turned out that this kueh chap owner was the son of the well known kueh chap stall operator in Woon Lam Cafe. Oh my, that was a surprise!! No wonder the broth tasted so good and nostalgic. The kueh chap stall no longer in Woon Lam Cafe, Jalan Song Than Cheok and now the old man would occasionally help around this new shop. 

The friendly son (Kevin) served us. We chatted and reminisced on the old time in Woon Lam Cafe. Lao San Kueh Chap opened for business in October this year. As for the stall in Xing Xing Wang, they will open in due time once the operation here is secured and enough manpower to manage. 

It didn't take long for our food to be served. I like the enamel mug they used to pour warm water to soak the spoon and chopstick. 

Hubby had his usual, the regular cheng without the kueh while I went for the regular with kueh. I must have kueh in kueh chap. Otherwise how we called it kueh chap without kueh?? Lol.

Hubby's regular cheng (above) which they added more innards to the broth, where as mine was more of pork belly and lean meat (below). 

As we had the 50% discount voucher (given by the staff in Xing Xing Wang when they informed us on the new shop), we used it up on our first visit last week. Open from 630am onwards (daily), except off day on Tuesday. 


suituapui said...

So far, I've only tried Lao Ya Keng...and had a lousy one at Sin Poh Poh, terrible smell!!!

Angie's Recipes said...

I love pork belly! What is kueh chap in English?

mun said...

Wow! So delicious! Nowadays I also eat noodles soup without noodles 😂 lolx!

Nux V said...

the kueh chap looks good! i need to have kueh in kueh chap!

Nancy Chan said...

I wonder if the soup tastes something like bak kut teh.

PH said...

I have eaten kueh chap once only. The taste of the soup reminded me of bak kut teh.