Saturday, March 5, 2016

For now and then

Caught up with a friend over breakfast last week. We went to Woon Lam Cafe as it has been a while since we had its delicious kueh chap.

True enough, its kueh chap is one of the best in town and never fail to satisfy our craving.

I had my usual portion of hard-boiled egg, lean meat and beancurds for RM6.00. My friend had everything and in a normal serving for RM5.00.

My kueh chap

And we ladies could not resist ordering the fried char kueh (fried radish cake) from the stall next to Kueh Chap stall. RM3.00 per plate. We have started to eat it when I remember to take a photo of it. Lol.

Don't judge us by our body size, we sure can eat!! We finished our respective kueh chap and wiped clean the char kueh plate too. *wink* Of course I were full and thinking of skipping lunch then.

But an uncle was walking from one table to another table with some kuihs and newspapers that moment and I bought these 2 yeu tiaw for RM2.00 from him. Maybe a light lunch if I were hungry.

As for the kids, I bought their lunches from the economy rice stall. Spotted this boneless chicken thigh and that would be good for the kids. So I bought 2 packs of the rice for RM11 for Jan and Jay.

After finished our breakfast and done with the tapau, my friend and I went our seperate ways. Till we meet again, my friend.


  1. Fried Char Kueh. Yumm! I would love to try making this dish if I know the recipe.

  2. Does your bowl of kueh chap contain sheets of kway tiaw noodle? I could not see the noodles. I would also just want lean meat in my bowl of kueh chap.

  3. This is exactly why I need to make a trip to Kuching! (~.^)

  4. That's one of the things I miss that most from Kuching. Kueh chap! :)

  5. Your bowl of kueh chap looks delicious and I love yew tiaw too.

  6. Ooooo...long time no eat chai thow koi! I'm craving for lek tao suan with the yeu char koi. Can't get here. :(