Sunday, November 13, 2022

Helped out

Hubby has a niece from Sibu studied for her accounting diploma in a local college in Demak Laut. Due to MCO, she only back to Kuching to continue her study few months ago. Last Saturday, we went to find her for lunch. 

Since we were in Demak Laut, we decided to have lunch there instead of driving to city. We chose Indian food for our lunch. The niece liked the dishes in Curry House, so we had our briyani lunch in Curry House Demak Laut shop.

Hubby and niece chose the dishes while I just wait for the food. Acar and fried spiced bitter gourd were served first. 

My briyani rice set chosen by the man. Lamb curry, stir fried paku and fried omelette. Of course, not forgetting the papadom. 

Hubby's Briyani set consisted of lamb curry, stir fried french beans and 1 egg curry. 

The niece went for ayam masak hitam instead of curry. She said the masak hitam was good. 

After lunch, we dropped her off at the hostel which was not far from Curry House. Before sending her off, I helped her out by carrying the food ration we bought for her to her hostel room.


Angie's Recipes said...

That looks like a very delicious lunch. Lamb curry would be my favourite.

suituapui said...

Two Curry House outlets here, expensive but I wouldn't mind going once in a while, just that my girl prefers the place we go to all the time - she prefers the biryani there - more authentic, she says...not like the ones at the Malay places.

Nux V said...

lol, those college days where u load up ur hostel room 'pantry' with lotsa instant noodles, biscuits, milo etc. So nostalgic!

PH said...

This post reminded me of my hostel days. Going for an outing with family was so nice but will feel sad when going back to hostel. That was how it was for me. LOL! Very nice lunch indeed and a good supply of food stuffs for the niece.

Nancy Chan said...

That was a good and delicious lunch you had with your niece. Looks like the food supply will last for a long time.

mun said...

Eh, my comment went missing. So nice that her hostel allows her to cook.