Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Fish only

It was a Sunday but I didn't feel that well. Cough and sore throat, I was thinking of having something warm when we went to this food court for breakfast. So after walking around and found a pork and fish soup stall, I decided to have fish noodle soup. Vermicelli was my option. 

RM10 per bowl

Somehow I was craving for fish tang hoon soup but they didn't have tang hoon as noodle option, so mihun is my only option. All fish in my soup bowl from fish cake, fish ball to fresh fillet. I was quite happy with my breakfast choice. 

And as afternoon came by, my hubby wanted to prepare something different for lunch. Fish n chip!! So we bought dory fillet from Choice Daily (around RM12 for 2 fillets), and got ready our lunch.

We made the batter and tartar sauce from scratch. Hubby did most of the work while I helped in frying. We cut the fillet into small pieces so easier for everyone to eat. And I did the potato wedges. 

Although my throat was not 100% well, I also got a taste of it. My hubby prepared a plate for me. His version of Fish N Chips. I much prefer potato wedges than French fries. How about you??

The kids were super happy and enjoyed their fish n chip that afternoon. 


Nux V said...

i prefer potato wedges too. I just had fish & chips on 2 days ago.

suituapui said...

Cough and sore throat!!! Should not eat anything fried, especially if it is hot from the wok! Fish noodles look good - one place opening an outlet near my house (next to Delta Mall) in December. Sure will go and check it out.

PH said...

How nice! Home made fish and chips! Me too prefer potato wedges in the past. Hope you get well soon.

Nancy Chan said...

I like what you had for breakfast. I too prefer tang hoon and followed by rice vermicelli. Hope your throat is improving. I too prefer potato wedges to fries.

Angie's Recipes said...

Hope you are feeling better now, Rose. Nice that your hubby cooked fish and chips from the scratch...bet they are so much better than the takeout.

mun said...

I also prefer wedges. I like your mihun with the fish fillets. Hope you are feeling better now. Did you do a home test?