Tuesday, August 2, 2022

New place

Lao Jie Fang has been in business for quite sometime, around last year so it wasn't a new place to some in Kuching. However, it took me and hubby last month to patronise it. 

This corner lot in Padungan (opposite SJK CH No 3) used to be a cafe/restaurant, I had been there once but many years ago.  Didn't know when it closed down or when this new place took over the space.

As it was in city centre, it was understandable that we would not venture. But it was a Saturday, so we had all the times in the world. Hubby also just recovered from Covid-19, and after self isolation and home quarantine, he was eager to go out and dine out. Since it has been that long we did not drive all the way to city centre, we decided to do so and discovered new eatery last month. 

We discovered that this Sarawak laksa stall in Ang Cheng Ho has moved here since last December. The lady operator recognised my man as he used to eat her Sarawak laksa in the old place.

So, 2 small bowls of Sarawak laksa and a bowl of braised chicken feet for both of us. Around RM6 for small portion. 

The taste was still as good as I remembered it, especially the braised chicken feet in Sarawak laksa broth. 

We also had 4 pieces of this tasty chai kueh. RM1.20 each. 2 fillings; one was chives and another was chestnuts and dried shrimps. We opted for the latter filling. 

And one good news for the patrons. Their teh o peng only RM1 per glass!!! My man had 2 glasses that morning. 

While we were there, we bumped into our friend who happened to be the owner of the shop. We had a lovely chat with her. She also recommended what was good there, like the China beef noodle, vegetarian dish, and  lui cha. Next round for that. There sure is a lot of choice in Lao Jie Fang for everyone. Business hour is from 6am to 2pm, daily. 


mun said...

Ah, a review of a relatively new place to eat: Lao Jie Fang. What a coincidence that you both happened to know the owner. Sarawak laksa for only rm6 is very worth it. Chestnuts and dried shrimps fillings is so special. is it water chestnuts or the chestnuts that is found in bak Chang? The common ones are jicama aka yam beans and shrimps.

Nux V said...

good to have the shop owner who is also a friend to recommend the nice food in the shop!

Angie's Recipes said...

I would love those chicken feet too. Awesome that you and your family had a great weekend, Rose.

suituapui said...

I'm not a fan of chives in chai kueh too - the ladies in the house love it! Korean influence, perhaps - a lot of chives in their cuisine. Laksa looks good...but no, no chicken claws for me, thank you very much! LOL!!!

PH said...

It has been such a long, long time since I had Sarawak Laksa.