Monday, October 18, 2021

Sunday therapy

Hubby and I went for a Sunday date not long ago. It felt so good to go out together, spend a little time and enjoy each other's company, without the kids. Okay, no worry, the kids were alright with us going out, they rather stayed at home. And as long as we bought something back for them, they were fine. 

It was in May 2021 that we visited The Spring mall so 5 months later, both of us came back for our shopping therapy. We like shopping at this mall; the ambience and outlets are fantastic.

There was a simple Halloween decoration in the mall. 

We made a short stop to check out the decoration. 

Bats on tree branches, pumpkins, witch's cat and ghost were parts of the set-up.

Our next stop was the Japanese brand, Uniqlo. There was something for everyone. As there was promotion in the store, we spent quite some time there. 

Next we moved to Parkson to get hubby's personal wears. After done with our shopping, it was almost lunch time, and we were rather hungry since we took our breakfast around 7am.

So we had this Nasi Arab at the food court that we enjoyed in our previous visit. This time both of us went for the lamb shank.

After we were done and bought takeaway from Sugarbun for the kids, we headed back home. It didn't take long, less than 2 hours in the mall. 


Angie's Recipes said...

I must be getting old because I don't like shopping anymore...we are trying to get everything done online...sometimes even grocery. I am glad that you and yours enjoyed the date and shopping therapy.

suituapui said...

I sure would love to try the nasi Arab.

I read somewhere that Spring is a hot spot, high the Sibu Central Market. You may end up becoming a casual or close contact if you frequent such places and a positive case happens to be there at the same time as a result of which, there are "things" you have to do, quite a nuisance. Best to go to "safe" places where there are very few people.

mun said...

Good that both of you enjoyed your shopping trip. Good also that the people doing decorations can get back to work already. Till this year end, I don't think I will be visiting any malls so have to rely on you all to show the photos of mall Christmas decorations and Deepavali decorations. I like Uniqlo clothes too.

PH said...

That was a nice outing with your hubby, like dating again. LOL! I haven't gone on a proper shopping yet, just go buy, cabut. LOL!

Nux V said...

i also just went to the mall recently....after many many months! i miss nasi Arab too.