Tuesday, October 26, 2021

In the bun

It was last Sunday. We went to the nearby supermarket, Choice Daily for a quick shopping. We went around 930am, so it wasn't so packed in the morning. 

We bought some stuff and this was one of the frozen sausage that hubby found. We never tried it before. Jumbo-sized chicken sausages!! 

8 pieces in the pack. I took out 6 for our lunch. I told you, it was really a jumbo! See how giant and long were the sausages!!

A simple Sunday lunch. Assemble-your-own-hot-dog, as I called it. There were few ingredients to choose from, so it was up to everyone to put whatever they like in their hot dog bun. The kids were happy, as it was a nice change from the usual rice meal. 

This was what I added in my bun. No sauce for me. I prefer mustard in my hot dog but since we were out of it, so it was fine with me to go without sauce. 

A nice, easy hotdog lunch. 


mun said...

Great idea to have own self assembled meals like this for the children to be responsible for deciding on what to put inside their buns and for making the sandwich bun themselves. Really super big sausage. Must be very satisfying to eat. 😋😋😋👍

PH said...

That looks really good! I would love sausages, buns and eggs for lunch. I also like mustard and I would squeeze some sweet chili sauce too!

suituapui said...

Wowwwww!!!! HUGE!!! I think there is an Austrian or German guy in Kuching making gourmet sausages for sale. Not sure where he is selling them. Those would be so very nice, much nicer than these frozen supermarket ones. Bought from him before many years ago when he came for the food fair here.

Nancy Chan said...

Ayamadu brand jumbo sausage? Don't know whether we have this here or not. Need to check this out at the supermarket on my next trip. The kids would enjoy assembling their own hot dog. I would want some chili sauce in my hot dog. Yums.

Nux V said...

such a jumbo sausage! i need some sauces and pickles to go with the buns & sausage.