Tuesday, June 29, 2021

His kampua

Once in a while, my man would cook his own breakfast. Other than omelette, he can cook kampua well.

He likes this Sibu kampua very much so he would buy a pack to store when he sees it. Cannot buy too many as expiration date is short. 

So one weekend after our morning walk, he decided to cook himself a plate of kampua for breakfast. 

He took out pork shabu-shabu that he bought from Emart to go with his kampua. Followed the instruction accordingly, he boiled the noodle first. Then drain and toss in the seasoning and sauces. In another boiling water, cook the pork strips for few seconds then add onto the kampua. 

Garnished with fried shallots that I made the day before and some spring onion from my garden, his kampua was ready!! 

Another morning, he wanted kampua for breakfast (again), so he made his own. This round, he added some sweet soy sauce to his noodle. 

So do you like your kampua plain or black (with soy sauce) ? 


suituapui said...

My missus stocks up on The Kitchen's instant kampua - she likes the dark soy sauce. I prefer original but I am not really into instant kampua. No preservatives though, so better than regular instant noodles but cannot keep for too long.

mun said...

I think I am ok with both plain or dark soy sauce but only one or two tablespoonfuls. Cannot eat the whole one portion. Since your husband can cook steamed eggs dish that is very smooth, he can pickup cooking anything from online recipes because he has the patience and the basic cooking skills. Good for him!

PH said...

Your man is very talented in the kitchen! His kampua breakfast looks delicious.

Twilight Man said...

I had eaten only kampua plain in Sarawak and KL. I must try with dark sauce which I am unware of. Your hubby can open a restaurant on weekends.

Angie's Recipes said...

Lucky you having a man who can cook! I have never had a kampua...it looks so flavourful and tasty.

Nancy Chan said...

So nice to have someone cooking breakfast for you. Both the versions look delicious.

Nux V said...

lucky u to have a good cook at home!

Jennifer Davison said...

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