Monday, March 15, 2021


I usually buy alot of pork mince from the butcher shop. 1kg each time, about once a week at the nearby shop. 

I use the minced meat for soup, ngoh hiang and sometimes fried stuffed toufu (if I managed to buy the firm beancurds). 

I would prepare the mince in advance and keep them in batches using the sandwich ziploc bag. So whenever I want to use it, I have my pork mince ready by taking one lock bag out to thaw at room temperature. 

Lately I have been making pork patties for dinner. Easier, no need to roll into the beancurd skin or stuffed meat into beancurd. Just need to roll into balls or flatten into patties, choice is yours.

Mine did not looked so nice, odd shaped but what matters was it went into the tummies and the kids seemed to enjoy them.

No exact recipe for this, all agak-agak. 


Minced pork

Carrot about 2 inch, cubed

1 tsp 5 spices powder

Salt and pepper to taste

1 tsp oyster sauce

1 tsp shao xing wine

1 tsp corn flour


1. Mix all ingredients well. Let it sit for few minutes before cooking.

2. In a pan, heat up cooking oil, enough to cover the patties. 

3. Scoop with spoon, make the meat mix into patties and add into pan. Fry the patties in batches.

4. Fry till brown and meat is cooked. Drain on kitchen towel before serve. 


mun said...

Sounds delicious the minced pork patties. I would eat them with bread and lettuce! Yummy! You select a piece of meat and ask the butcher to mince it or you buy ready minced pork already prepared by the butcher?

Ez Vina said...

Yes, I always have mince pork in my fridge also. People always say if you chop your own mince pork will taste better, I am just too lazy for that.

Rose world said...

Usually ready minced. Depends too, I usually get mince with little fat, then the mince is nicer.

suituapui said...

Our neighbourhood shop sells it pre-packed when fresh and frozen, very nice, not fat so we keep buying from them, no need to look elsewhere. Very convenient to use to cook all kinds of things.

Nancy Chan said...

I too like to buy mince pork and keep them handy in the freezer. I like meatballs in soup or fried and they are easier to eat. Both adults and kids love fried meatballs.

Reanaclaire said...

I like patties too, sometimes I add in eggs to the batter... and cook with potatoes.. my kids' all time favourite!

mun said...

Thanks for your reply!

PH said...

You have inspired me to try deep fried stuffed taufu! It must be so delicious, eaten with may favorite sweet chili sauce.

Libby said...

Fried pork patties! My favourite. My mom looks to cook minced meat too, sometimes in soup, sometimes with soy sauce and sometimes fried.