Saturday, March 6, 2021

Where we often have

This coffee shop is where we often have our breakfasts, may it be weekdays or weekends. Just few minutes drive and the kolo mee stall is good, so we do not mind coming here pretty frequently. 

Sometime it is a long wait as many people order kolo mee. We don't mind as we could read newspapers (supplied by the coffee shop) or enjoy some fritters while waiting. 

Our favourite spring onion fritters from this snack stall. RM1 for 3 pieces. The banana fritters are good too. 

But someday when we don't feel like having kolo mee, we will order from other stalls. Like the fried stall at the back where I enjoyed both the tomato crispy noodle and tomato kway teow. Hubby likes its fried noodle as he usually have its fried noodle with a fried egg on top. RM6.50 for this plate, I think. I can't remember well but usual fried noodle is RM6. 

I never tasted the Sarawak laksa here so one morning, I gave it a try. Hubby tasted it befire, way long where the coffee shop newly opened 2 years ago. He gave it a thumb down there. However I being opstimistic and giving others a second chance, decided to try it out myself. 

Ok, same opinion with hubby, it wasn't that great but not too bad. It wasn't fragrant enough. We have tasted better Sarawak laksa, so this bowl wasn't at par with the best. 

For us, we will stick to the kolo mee or the fried noodle. Both are decent and nice. And not forgetting the snack stall which enjoy good business as well. 


suituapui said...

Fritters look great. These days, no shallots, no spring onion here. So kesian!!!

mun said...

Now that try already, just stick to the food u both like! 👍

Reanaclaire said...

Fried stuff are nice to eat.. but I am prone to heatiness... so each time I take fried stuff, I must drink a glass of honey lemon... :)

PH said...

Oh dear. Too bad the Sarawak Laksa was no good. I bought the paste recently after I read about your chicken curry using it hee..hee...

Nux V said...

long time i didn't have the fritters!