Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Sumptuous dinner in 8 road cafe

We joined my family side for Winter Solstice dinner last night. Since only me and kids, it would be fun and merrier to have dinner with them. *wink*
My boy as my reluctant model was holding the door

My dad suggested dinner at this newly opened cafe near his place in Taman Supreme, Lorong Wan Alwi (the new row of shops next to Choice World Supermarket).

I am not sure what in the name. Maybe 8 symbolized good luck as 8 in Chinese pronounced as "fatt". 

Let have a look at what we had last night. 

First dish was the roasted chicken. Very nice I have to admit.

The captain recommended this yam basket so we gave it a try. True to her word, the mixed vegetables in yam basket was very tasty. Soft inside but crispy outside. 

Another recommendation from the captain. The salty fish bun.

It was actually tilapia baked with salt in an aluminium wrap. It was good to our surprise. The fish was very fresh and marinated well with salt. No "fishy" smell even it has cooled off. 

We also had this stir fried yew chai. Loved this crunchy vegetable very much.

Lastly we ordered a 1kg of this buttery and salted egg crabs. Could not get enough of this tasty, salty crustacean.  They put a lot of butter in this dish so I enjoyed it very much. Plus the crabs were very fleshy so it was very worthy dish.

Thank you, dad for the lovely dinner. And Happy Winter Solstice. 


Princess Ribbon said...

Sekali pandang, I love that roasted chicken and "fatt putt".. We call the yam basket as "fatt putt", love the crispy yam so much.. Yummzzzz

Somewhere in Singapore said...


Anonymous said...

Lovely food. Crabs look real awesome. "Fart" in English isn't all that nice though. Hehehehehe!!!!

Sharon D. said...

I think you can write a guide book on where to find the yummiest food already, Rose. You've got me drooling here! ^.^

ChrisAu said...

What a nice dinner ! Like the crab.

Linda said...

It looks fantastic, Rose. I love roast chicken! :)

Yee Ling said...

I always love the yam basket and not every restaurant does that dish.

Azura Chan said...

Yum yum... so mouth watering. hehe.

Hayley said...

The crabs looks good la! I did crave for crabs, too bad cannot eat now :(

Merry Christmas to you and family!

mun said...

Salt baked tilapia is the best! Sometimes they stuff green pepper and pepper into the fish stomach to infuse the fish with more flavour.

ahlost said...

Wow.. the crabs look delicious !!! shall check out this place.. never been there though.. ;)

Huai Bin said...

I love crabs too! :)

I like how the tilapia looks, it's not my fish of choice though a lot of people are rearing it right now so there's a lot going around in markets.

I'm old fashioned, still prefer cod cooked in traditional Chinese style with a bit of soy sauce. Haha.

I like the look of the yam basket though.