Monday, December 22, 2014

Not short of food

We were here for breakfast on Sunday morning. Bored of the food in MJC so I drove slightly further to this food court. Sing Garden in Hui Sing. Need to be early to be here otherwise it would be hard to find parking and seats.

Luck was on our side as I could find nice parking as well as good table. I used to come here a lot last time so some of the stalls operators recognised me.

You could find almost everything here from kolo mee, laksa, chicken rice, porridge to banana fritters and popiah here. Too many choice to choose from.

Sis wanted to try the Hakka Lui Cha from this stall. I told her it was good. And glad when she tasted it, she agreed with me. She had the normal bowl whicj was RM4.50.

The only lui cha my hubby loves is from this stall. Not too bitter and yet full of flavour from the vegetables and blended soup. The taukeynio was very generous too, she would give extra peanuts if you requested.

My girl never failed to order the breakfast set (RM3.50). I could make it myself at home but I don't usually cook on Sunday. ^^

Jay initially wanted kolo mee but unfortunately the stall was not open, maybe of the Winter Solstice festival which falls today, so I ordered this fried taugeh noodle (RM3.00) for him. Not bad, I tasted. Business was good. 

As for me, I was annoyed because my initial order of fresh milk fish head vermicelli did not come. They forgot my order and I were told to wait for few more minutes while those came later than me got theirs first. Why would not they served me first since they made mistake and forgotten mine? Instead I have to wait again? So, I cancelled it and ordered laksa. Not so tasty looking but alas. It filled up my tummy. Not cheap for this bowl of laksa. RM4.

After our breakfast, we went grocery shopping. Need to get ingredients for my Christmas eve's cooking. Have you done shopping for your Christmas dinner?


Somewhere in Singapore said...

Think i will go for the western set, hehe...

ChrisAu said...

I also love the lei cha and had it almost once a week. The breakfast looks good !

Princess Ribbon said...

I don't fancy lei cha, but if it's not bitter and "chau cheng" (greeny smell), I can have some bites, hehe.. I like that western breakfast set, yes, we can easily whip this up at home, but eating outside more syiok.. Haha..

Ezvina said...

Not sure if I been here yet or not. Eat at too many places liao.

Linda said...

A good assortment.

Azura Chan said...

Nice breakfast! I normally had breakfast at home. My hubby and daughter are not a morning person. So I just prepared breakfast for them. When they wake up and headed for breakfast, I already start to prepare for lunch. Sigh... hehe.

Merryn said...

I kenot get anything at RM4 over here :(

Anonymous said...

Never been here. Is this the place where the Palm Road stalls moved to? They say they moved to Hui Sing some place.

Rose world said...

I dont think it is.

mun said...

wah, the hakka lui cha looks really good! and affordable too.

ahlost said...

argh.. i hate it too when they just can't make the one that they've forgotten and yet re-queue you into the list..

RM4 laksa is considered cheap already. the ones i had once in a blue moon already cost RM7 or at least RM6 :(

Huai Bin said...

*smacks forehead*

I told my dear that we don't have that awful fried fish head noodles with milk in Sarawak. Haha.

I've never seen it around in Sibu as a kid before, our fish noodles are more Foochow style or assam tom yam style.

I personally don't like it but she does.

Oh Hui Sing Garden! I used to eat there when I was studying in Inti (for one semester only for fun before I went to Australia coz I had nothing to do).

Imemily said...

wow i crave for hakka lei cha now
hehe one of my favourite food
and RM4.50 is very cheap!