Sunday, December 14, 2014

Never stop there

My Saturday started pretty early. Not that I wish for few more hours of sleeping but Jay woke me up slightly before 6am on Saturday. He wet his pants and came into the room to tell me. 

Yes, once in a blue moon, he still wets his pants and bed. Well, what surprised me that morning was his bed and quilts were all dry. My logical theory would be that he must have pee out a bit and stopped in time. So just his pants.

Ok, not that he woke me up but the other kids were up as well. Tried to get them to sleep slightly longer but everyone could not sleep except Jamie who dozed off around 7am to have another 30 minutes nap. 

Since Jan and Jay were having their swimming class that morning, we went out for breakfast around 8am. Just somewhere nearby. I do not usually drive so far out for breakfast.

So we went to this coffee shop in MJC. It is called Big One Food Court. It is opposite Ice Buddy Cafe, a new cafe that opened recently.

I noticed a laksa stall which I have never tried before. So I ordered its normal bowl which costs RM5.50. 

And here was my normal bowl of Sarawak Laksa. Looked good with the presentation. I wonder what would be the special bowl of RM6.50 looks like if the normal bowl is like this? Bigger bowl or more ingredients or a special ingredient?

Taste-wise, it was nice. Still, cannot beat the RM5.00 laksa from Sin Chong Choon cafe. It was lack of those laksa paste flavour and thickness. Maybe they used different laksa paste. Nevertheless I enjoyed the laksa here. Different variation, I guess.

So, our morning went by pretty fast with me bringing the kids to their swimming class. For lunch, we ate at Sugatbun. Then went home to rest. Fast forward to around 4pm, I woke up with Jamie begging for milk. Omg, how clumsy were I. Spilled some milk powder on the floor and some on the table. 

Sob sob sob. Milk formula is very expensive and there is a price hike in all milk formulas. Guess no need to cry anymore over the spilled milk.

In the evening we had dinner with my parents and went to one of the malls in the city to see their Christmas decoration. The kids were never tired of seeing the decoration. I think it is one thing that they are so look forward to at the end of the year. Shopping mall hopping to check on their decoration. Even Jamie was excited, babbling and pointing here and there.

An avid young window shopper

The lovely backdrop on stage in Plaza Merdeka

Everything looks pretty minimal this year in Plaza Merdeka


Princess Ribbon said...

Oh I also spilled milk powder om the counter top before.. Felt heartpain too haha coz they're very expensive.. When G could not finish his milk also I feel heartpain one..

Somewhere in Singapore said...

Was tempted by the laksa...

Imemily said...

i do like to see christmas deco in shopping mall too

Blackswan said...

I'm surprised how much the prices of milk powder went up when my bro told me. His wife recently gave birth to a boy. You can imagine how expensive it is in SG compared to M'sia......

ChrisAu said...

The sarawak laksa looks really good, when I saw first on fb. Hahha...little Jay looks so cute !

Anonymous said...

Taugeh looks raw - we usually will blanch it a bit for use as topping.

Merryn said...

Yes yes. Formula milk is so expensive these days hence I am still breastfeeding but dunno until when..

mun said...

Food looks good. Good that your children can swim. I cannot swim and too lazy to learn now.