Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Sharing planet

Food is meant to be shared. This is true when you dine in Sharing Planet, Jln Stapok.

They have another outlet in Ban Hock Road but this outlet in Stapok is nearer to my house. Here is the map if you wonder how to go there.

From my house in MJC, I used the Engsing road to go to Stapok road. I did not follow the map but instead used the other road to Stapok from the back side.
Source: Google

After the traffic light (where left turning is to SJK Chung Hua No 6 Stapok and Padawan Municipal Council Office), you just drive straight till you see a big detached house on your right. Turn to that road. It is actually the first left junction after the traffic light. 

Go straight and the first left junction is the one that lead you to the church. Ignore that and just go straight, as you can see from the map above. When you reach a small roundabout, turn left. You would not miss this place as it is at the end of the road.

Operating hour is 6pm to 11pm. Do not park too near to the entrance as you would not want to be caught in jam or being blocked later. Just park nearer to the main road and walk a bit. 

From the small gate, you will come to a beautiful landscaping garden. Just follow the path and you will reach the main outlet. Made from wood and it is very cozy and lovely.

I do not mind sitting under the big umbrella but it can get too dark when the sun is setting. And do not forget that mosquito repellent!!

In the middle, there is a pond but we hardly could see any fishes in it.

I brought my sis along that evening. She has wanted to go here but could not find the place. I have been there once and luckily I can still remember the route well. Thought I would get lost as hubby drove that time.

We ordered 3 dishes only since only 2 adults and 3 kids. Please do not order too many food as the portion is very big!

Our food came very fast since we were the first few people there. Otherwise you may encounter long waiting time, so it is better to be there around 6pm.

We had its chicken caesar salad. RM10.80 only but look at the huge serving. 

Sis and I decided to share this Mixed Grill (RM28.80). It has grilled lambs, chicken chops, fried fish fillet, a huge frankfurter with a generous serving of coleslaw and mashed potato. It said black pepper in the menu but we requested the mushroom sauce for this dish.

We ordered fish and chips for the kids. Only RM12.80, and the fish was very huge! We hardly could finish it.

This place is not halal-certified but it does not serve pork. The food was alright, reasonably priced. Big portion to be shared around the table. If you have any comments (good or bad), you are free to write and stick on the comments board.

A good place to dine amidst a botanical garden, under the moonlight and night breeze; and if you are lucky, you could even hear the crickets singing too. A nice place to chill out and even for gatherings.

(P.S. please pardon some blurry photos as I have to balance myself from carrying Jamie in one arm and holding my camera on the other hand)


Princess Ribbon said...

My favourite (except the salad, teehee).. I love that mixed grill, and yes, as usual, fish+chips for the kids.. Not kidding, but I could finish the mixed grill, AND the fish+chips (leftover by the kids) and also I can add in some brownies for dessert, haha..

Sharon D. said...

It looks cosy and romantic. I like it! I would probably bring my other half on a date here.

Anonymous said...

Interesting place, food looks good too. Never heard of it - maybe you can take me when I go to Kuching? Wink! Wink!

Azura Chan said...

Been here once and wrote about it in my blog before. They really served a large portion. Not suitable for shy shy person to eat here. Otherwise, rugi. hehe.

Somewhere in Singapore said...

Nice place plus nice foods ya, hehe...

Hayley said...

The place looks interesting! The salad looks good~

Ezvina said...

I love the environment, price also very reasonable.

ChrisAu said...

Wow..I love the garden !

trishie said...

The servings sure look huge! Did Jamie enjoy the food too?

Rose world said...

He enjoyed the view more. ^^

mun said...

I would go there to eat for the view only.